Hogwarts Legacy also triumphs digitally

Hogwarts Legacy also triumphs digitally

After the success of the physical console copies in the UK market, now comes the data relating to the digital versions of Hogwarts Legacy. The new game by Avalanche Software also did very well on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, so much so that it won the most important launch prize in recent years.

The data, reported by Christopher Dring, is decidedly impressive. As far as European territory is concerned, in fact, Hogwarts Legacy (you can get your copy on Amazon ) sold 56% more copies than Elden Ring. Dring is not wrong to combine the two games: both are in fact open world titles, with RPG elements inside them and characterized by a fantasy setting. Furthermore, both have been real phenomena in the media, with the attention of users and the press highly focused on both products.

However, the Avalanche Software game is a unique case in the world of video games, given which has achieved a feat that hasn't happened in a while , which is to be the biggest selling launch outside of FIFA and Call of Duty. Before Hogwarts Legacy, the only one that succeeded was Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, the new Harry Potter-themed game has also conquered this trophy, having beaten the mammoth production of Rockstar Games, although most likely with the With the arrival of GTA 6, the English development team will be able to take back this record.

The digital data is in. Hogwarts Legacy's opening week was 56% bigger across Europe than Elden Ring. It's the biggest game launch outside of FIFA & Call of Duty since Red Dead Redemption 2.

It backs up the theory that gamers are gravitating towards the big brands at the moment

— Christopher Dring ( @Chris_Dring) February 16, 2023

Dring then concludes his analysis with a personal comment, which however tells a lot about the video game industry. In a sector like this, where the break even for a development studio and its survival matters a lot to him, working on a game with a large license or brand behind it is definitely important. “The players themselves gravitate towards these products”, Dring concluded. It's hard to blame him, especially after reading this data, considering that the old gen versions that will arrive later are also missing.

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