The author of One Piece running out of ideas asks ChatGPT for help

The author of One Piece running out of ideas asks ChatGPT for help

Even a tireless mind like that of Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, can run out of ideas and ask for help from ChatGPT. After so many years of serialization and recounted adventures, it can happen that you don't know how to go ahead with the next developments, therefore you need to immediately find other solutions to cover the infernal deadlines of a weekly publication.

The author of One Piece running out of ideas asks ChatGPT for help

Relying on modern technologies and moved by his recognizable curiosity and adaptability to the present, the author of One Piece has gone viral over the last few hours for having interacted with the artificial intelligence of a chatbot, ChatGPT. Indeed, the master of One Piece asked the software to be his muse and to recommend interesting and incredible developments.

In a short time the virtual chat advised the author to write the meeting between Shadow King and the Straw Hat Pirates with the former intent on kidnapping Chopper by resorting to the ability to manipulate the shadow. Continuing, the chat offers Nico Robin in search of the gang of Shadows that he has already met to defeat the enemy. The chatbot left nothing to chance and also proposed an ending for this story, or the Straw Hat Crew visits Shadow Island, Luffy meets Shadow King and defeats him by recovering his trusted companion Chopper safe and sound. Robin, meanwhile, gains new knowledge about the evil tribe's history.

Oda-sensei responds enthusiastically to the proposal and declares that he will faithfully follow the advice. The artificial interlocutor now takes a liking to it and in addition to placing himself at the full disposal of the author, he offers him yet another idea, namely the Straw Hat pirates fight against an evil witch after deciding to help the aliens.

Who knows if the master of One Piece will have made a screenshot to retrieve this information one day. The author's sense of humor and hilarity transpires both in his statements and on his pages, therefore it is nothing surprising if this interaction with a machine only had reasons for curiosity… at least.

One Piece , the manga and the anime

One Piece is a shonen manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda through the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump ( Shueisha ) since 1997. The manga series in Japan has reached 1075 chapters and 104 tankobon . In Italy, however, the series is published by Edizioni Star Comics with 103 volumes available (it can be retrieved on Amazon).

The latest releases of the manga are available for free and totally legal reading on MANGA Plus (Shueisha ).

one piece volume 102 The manga is inspiring an animated series created by  Toei Animation, which has been running uninterrupted since 1999 with a total of 1052 episodes active, which is transposing the events of the narrative arc of the  Country of Wano. In Italy, the broadcasting rights belong to Mediaset with 673 dubbed episodes. The series is also legally visible, with Italian subtitles and with a premium account through the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

The franchise has inspired video games, merchandising, manga spin-offs, animated feature films and a Netflix TV series with real Western actors currently under development. Retrieve here the last details.

We remind you that Toei Animation has released a new One Piece animated film, One Piece Film Red, released in Japan on August 6, 2022 and in Italy it is expected in theaters dubbed into Italian in December 2022. for Anime Factory. We saw it in preview at Lucca Comics & Games 2022, so we invite you to read our review here.