The Huracan Spectacular dirt road on a ski slope

The Huracan Spectacular dirt road on a ski slope

Going on a white week in a Lamborghini? With the Huracan Sterrato it is absolutely possible. And not just going to the ski resort, but going straight to the slopes, in case you forgot your skis at home. This is demonstrated by the video released by the house, which reveals the capabilities of the supercar, which moves with ease between snow and ice on the Italian Alps.

On a ski slope, the Huracan Sterrato can be seen in action being driven in "rally" driving mode, i.e. with the advanced all-wheel drive system active. This allows the supercar to move with great safety, but on the other hand this mode has been optimized exactly for tackling terrain with poor grip or, precisely, snow.

Not only the aforementioned mode contributes to the incredible performance, but also the greater ground clearance of this version, combined with the wider tracks and the Bridgeston Dueler AT002 run-flat tyres. It is a product specially developed on the needs of the car, to combine maximum performance both on the road and on rough terrain. We remind you that the run-flat technology allows the driver to drive safely even after having had a puncture, for 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h .

Another improvement compared to the road version (and not only of the Huracan, but of many super sports cars) lies in the fact that the aluminum underbody, the sills and the wheel arches are reinforced to better protect the car during raids on the dirt road.

The Lamborghini shown in the video has a livery that almost allows it to blend into the snow. It is painted in Phanes White and Telesto Gray with black carbon fiber details, such as the widened fenders. But if you don't like this color combination, Lamborghini would like to point out that it is possible to customize the car by choosing from over 350 colors for the exterior and 60 combinations for the interior in leather and alcantara. The personalization program is called Ad Personam.

The Sterrato shares the engine with the other Huracans: it is a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 with 602 horsepower and 417 Nm of torque. Power is directed to all four wheels by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (LDF). Compared to the Evo version, the Sterrato, in the test from zero to one hundred, is only half a second slower (so it needs 3.4 seconds). A trifle, considering how many more things it is able to deal with.

The production of this incredible car, of which only 1,499 units will be made, will start this month, while deliveries will take place from the beginning of the summer. The video is certainly a way to celebrate this innovative car, as well as the latest pure endothermic Lamborghini.