Intel launches new Xeon W processors for workstations

Intel launches new Xeon W processors for workstations

Intel has introduced the new Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 workstation processors, both based on the architecture called Sapphire Rapids.

These processors have been developed for professionals working in the most demanding fields from the point of computational view, such as content creation in the fields of entertainment media, engineering, design, research and data analysis.

At the heart of the new Xeon processors is the new technology of EMIB packaging, allowing unprecedented scalability for even greater performance.

The W-2400 series is aimed at Mainstream Workstations, while the more powerful (and expensive) W-3400 series is designed for the most demanding workloads, named by Intel Expert Workstation .

The W-3400 series uses a Multi Chiplet Module (MCM) design, making it the first family of chiplet processors marketed by Intel in this class.

Roger Chandler, Intel vice president and general manager, Creator and Workstation Solutions, Client Computing Group, commented: “The new Intel Xeon desktop platform for workstations is specifically designed to unleash the creativity and innovation capacity of content creators , artists, engineers, designers, data scientists and demanding users, built to tackle the most demanding current and future workloads ”.

A platform that looks to the future

The W- family 2400 is made up of eight models, which start at prices and features that border on the consumer segment: the w3-2423, in fact, offers 6 cores at a price of 359 US dollars.

However, some platform features differ from mainstream architectures: notable in particular are the 64 fifth generation PCI Express lanes, and the maximum capacity of 2 Tbytes of DDR5 RAM memory with ECC support.

Specs ramp up to the flagship w7-2495X, which offers 24 cores and exceeds US$2,000. Only the four best-performing models (starting with the 12-core w5-2455X) are sold directly to the public, while the others are available only through OEMs.

Even higher specs are the W-3400 series, also composed of models; we have already mentioned the differences in the layout, but the architecture also offers some interesting details: there are as many as 112 PCI Express gen5 lanes, while the memory capacity rises to a maximum of 4 Tbytes.

Top of this family ranks the Xeon w9-3495X, with 56 cores for 112 threads and many architectural innovations that make it the most powerful desktop processor ever produced by Intel; The price is also in line with the performance, with a list price of 5,889 dollars.

In any case, this model will only be available via OEM; the most powerful W-3400 processor directly available to consumers will be the w9-3475X, with 36 cores priced at $3,739.

Xeon W-3400 and W-2400 processors are available for pre-order starting February 15th , while systems based on the new architecture will be available from March . MSRPs for the Intel Xeon processor W family start at $359 (Xeon w3-2423) and go up to $5,889 (Xeon w9-3495X).