Excellent air fryer with smart functions, 29% off!

Excellent air fryer with smart functions, 29% off!

Excellent air fryer with smart functions

Are you looking for a splendid air fryer and would you like to aim for a model that is not only functional, but also equipped with smart functions? Then we can only suggest that you take a look at this splendid offer that Amazon is reserving for the excellent Proscenic T22, a compact and versatile air fryer, also approved by our team, as evidenced by the review which, at this point, we invite you warmly to recover!

It is, in fact, an excellent product, which has recently arrived on the market and which, thanks to Amazon, can be yours at the very discounted price of just € 99.00, against € 139.00 € of the original price, and therefore with a discount of 29%!

This is a great opportunity also because, as mentioned at the beginning, it is one of those rare models that they include smart functions, thanks to the connection between the fryer and the smartphone, which allow not only the setting of recipes and the like, but also monitoring of cooking.

In addition to this, we are talking about an air fryer of great value, capable of cooking different types of foods efficiently and quickly, allowing better preservation of humidity in foods which, in this way, will not only be well cooked, but also crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, as in the case of french fries and the like.

Obviously, this is only the starting point of this product which, also thanks to the support of its app, has a series of combined functions that allow cooking a large number of different dishes, with the support of of 11 pre-set programs, which will help you to obtain exceptional results even for the most common preparations, such as meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and even desserts and pizzas!

It is no coincidence that this specific model has many accessories (which can be purchased separately) which make this air fryer one of the most versatile products in circulation as regards this specific product category.

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning, the Proscenic T22 is an air fryer with smart functions and control also possible via app. Everything works thanks to the excellent Proscenic app, downloadable for free, and from which it is not only possible to program and monitor the cooking process, but thanks to which you can also access numerous recipes, developed by the company precisely to sublimate the functions of this excellent appliance!

Read also: Air fryers | The best of 2023 Having said that, we just have to suggest that you immediately visit the page that Amazon is reserving for the offer, with an invitation to proceed with the purchase immediately, before the price can return to its origins or, worse, the product is completely sold out!

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