Lego Hulkbuster never so affordable! A set for true fans at -20%!

Lego Hulkbuster never so affordable! A set for true fans at -20%!

If you are passionate about the Marvel world and collect LEGO, you will surely know the Hulkbuster set, released in November 2022 and depicting an imposing version of Iron Man's armor. Well, if you've had your eyes on the product for a long time, today is the perfect time to buy it since it's on a super offer!

On the official LEGO website, the Hulkbuster is in fact available for €439.99, and considering that its list price is €549.99, this is a discount by 20%! You will therefore be able to save almost €100.00 and take home this magnificent and truly majestic set.

The Hulkbuster is in fact made up of 4,049 pieces and once built it will measure 52cm in height , 57cm wide and 24cm deep. You can rebuild one of the coolest Iron Man suits ever and pose it however you like, as the top of the mech is fully articulated for unlimited display possibilities.

The set is packed with details that make it spectacular, starting from the 3 light bricks that will allow you to light the arc reactors in the hands and chest, illuminating the Hulkbuster even at night. The icing on the cake, on the other hand, is a spacious cockpit dedicated to the LEGO version of Iron Man character, placed under the golden plates in the upper part of the mech.

This set was designed by LEGO to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the licensing agreement with Marvel, and reproduces in an ultra-realistic way the characteristics of the Iron Man armor featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The name Hulkbuster is due precisely to the fact that it was built to counter a possible out-of-control Hulk and is powered by 11 Arc reactors which guarantee the strength necessary for this task.

Read also: Hogwarts Legacy already available in discount on Amazon, take advantage of it now! In short, we are talking about a truly spectacular and essential set for any fan of the Marvel world. We therefore just have to send you back to the page of the LEGO site dedicated to the offer, inviting you to take advantage of it as soon as possible since it could end soon!

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