Marvel announces Ultimate Invasion: Hickman and Hitch return to the Ultimate Universe

Marvel announces Ultimate Invasion: Hickman and Hitch return to the Ultimate Universe

Marvel announces Ultimate Invasion

At a time when fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are wondering how one of the pillars of the comic Marvel Universe of the caliber of Secret Wars will be brought to the big screen, the House of Ideas decides to raise the stakes and further piques True Believers' curiosity with an explosive announcement: Hickman and Hitch are reunited for Ultimate Invasion. And as the title of this Marvel event suggests, the Ultimate universe will once again be central to what is supposed to be a standalone story.

Marvel reveals that the award-winning firm Hickman-Hitch will make Ultimate Invasion, a return to the Ultimates universe

The Ultimate universe is the emotional basis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and of most of the previous cinematic transpositions of the House of Ideas, considering how this narrative context was born precisely from the will of the publishing house to present their heroes in a more modern and contemporary way for a new generation of readers. Atypical versions of Marvel characters gave life to a universe that came to coincide with the traditional Earth-616 during the Secret wars of 2016, not before having baptized particularly beloved figures such as Miles Morales or intriguing doppelgangers such as the Creator, an evil variant by Reed Richards.

It is therefore understandable how the announcement given last night exclusively by Entertainment Weekly has thrilled the fans, who are now rightly in fibrillation. Jonathan Hickman himself gives even more emphasis to this announcement of Ultimate Invasion

I think it's fair to say that both Brian and I have given a lot in Ultimate, so when Marvel put this project in front of us, we both knew there had to be a good reason to revisit the concept of Ultimate, not just to tell a good story or to work together again, which is something we've been trying to do for years. With that in mind, it certainly couldn't be about replicating or revisiting what Brin did in Ultimates, which was to create a storyline that was a modern take on the characters that became the backbone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it certainly couldn't be something I'd already done. , a final chapter of a pre-existing universe.

To understand the scope of Ultimate Comics, it is sufficient to note how the heroes traditionally represented in Marvel comics have been deprived of their air of 'textbook' heroism, being presented in a more humane and sometimes unpleasant way. A radical narrative paradigm shift that Hickman has well captured in presenting the vital spark of Ultimate Invasion :

We thought that the essence of the Ultimates comics should be the exact inverse of what the traditional Marvel Universe was, we wanted to create something that existed only within that precise space, a new way of thinking about characters, of enjoying a new version of the Marvel Universe. I'm quite happy to say that I feel we have achieved these goals and we are really excited to have this for everyone to read.

Ultimate Invasion will arrive on the American market starting from June 2023