The Boulder: 75 kWh battery electric car trailer

The Boulder: 75 kWh battery electric car trailer

The Boulder

It's called "The Boulder" and is produced by the American company Colorado Teardrops which specializes in caravans of the most disparate shapes and sizes for those who go camping in unspoiled nature; the particularity of The Boulder lies in the platform on which it is based, capable of hosting a lithium battery and a fast charging system in direct current.

Just over 3 and a half meters long, this caravan houses a 75 kWh battery that can recharge an electric car battery while camping. Despite the decidedly large battery, the weight of the caravan is 998 kg - for comparison, the Colorado Teardrops Mount Massive model weighs 667 kg but is completely without batteries. In essence, it is a gigantic powerbank on wheels in which you can also sleep, a perfect tool for those who love nature and want to explore it without affecting it too much.

Up to 4 adults can sleep inside The Boulder thanks to the double bed and the bunk bed; the cabin is externally made of aeronautical aluminum while inside we find wooden floors and various electrical sockets to live as if we were at home, connected to an electrical system.

The development of The Boulder is not completed yet but the first prototype has already been built, while the company has 2 other caravan models dedicated to electric vehicles are already planned: the first is called The Golden , it will be over 5 meters long and will have a 125 kWh battery, while the second will be called The Denver , it will be over 8 meters long and a battery of 200 kWh .

The price of these caravans equipped with a backup battery can only be influenced by the cost of the batteries themselves: therefore, here is a starting price of $67,000 for The Boulder, with the possibility to add some options like the 2000W air conditioning system ($3250) or a propane heating system ($2000). No information on the prices of the other 2 models but it is easy to imagine figures well in excess of $100,000.. and yes, once we went camping to save money.