Fortnite: Chapter 3 has finally introduced a next-gen novelty

Fortnite: Chapter 3 has finally introduced a next-gen novelty


Fortnite has been able to attract a lot of attention to itself last weekend. The transition from Chapter 2 to 3 brought a series of major changes within the well-known battle royale of Epic Games. There is one thing, however, that the American company promised several months ago, namely the passage of the title to Unreal Engine 5, the new graphics engine by Epic Games that brings the game to nwxt-gen.

In 2020, during the announcement of Unreal Engine 5, Epic promised that Fortnite would migrate to the new graphics engine by mid-2021. The switch to the new engine was postponed until a few days ago, when the well-known battle royale passed officially at Chapter 3.

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the game has been officially updated by switching to Unreal Engine 5. Thanks to this important change, which needed a substantial update, it means that the game now has both a look and feel and better performance. On top of that, the game benefits from a number of improved effects and extra detail on objects and more defined textures.

Chapter 3 - Season 1 is now CONFIRMED to be using Unreal Engine 5

- iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) December 5, 2021

The passage Unreal Engine 4 to 5 is just one of the many changes that Chapter 3 Season 1 brought to Fortnite. To find out the new features added in the Epic Games title, you can take a look at our other article.

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