Dead Space: You won't see anything more about the game this year

Dead Space: You won't see anything more about the game this year

Dead Space

It was only recently that the first material from the remake of the space horror game Dead Space was shown. That was from a very early version, but it gave a little foretaste of what the fans can expect. However, that was probably the last time for a long time that you saw something of the new edition. Because the developer studio EA Motive wants to withdraw a little according to its own statements and focus primarily on the work on the project.

A member of the team spoke up via Accordingly, it was important to EA Motive to give the fans something by the hand and show them what they are working on. However, it was very early and barely worked out material, there is still a lot of work ahead of them.

"We will now completely immerse ourselves in the work on the game and take our time, all thoughts, theories and rate any suggestions you've shared. We look forward to showing you next year - when we've made further progress - how you've helped us shape the game. "

So we will all probably not be able to expect some real signs of life from the remake of the space horror game Dead Space (buy now € 49.95) until next year - then hopefully with new material. A specific release date has not yet been set, rumor has it that the release is planned for autumn 2022 on the PC and consoles.


Dead Space Remake Team Won’t Have New Updates To Share Until 2022

Dead Space was a big survival horror video game hit, and after three mainline installments, EA shelved the IP. It’s been ice dormant for years, but now EA has decided to give it another chance. Developers EA Motive is working on this reboot project, and so far from what was showcased, fans are ecstatic. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a ton of details unveiled so far. Instead, the development is still early on into the project, and we only had one big Livestream event. Now, we can expect radio silence for at least the rest of this year.

Development is going on for the game, and the Livestream gave a few tiny little looks into the project. For instance, we know a new focus on dismemberment when you battle against the necromorphs. Likewise, we know that the protagonist Isaac Clarke will be fully voiced. So that’s the start of what we can expect with this upcoming reboot. But again, details are going to be scarce for a good while. This comes from Cayden House, the community manager from the Dead Space remake team. Through the Dead Space subreddit, the community manager noted that the team is reading through all the feedback so far.

While EA Motive is sifting through the different feedback and expectations for Dead Space, it will not lead to any notable updates. However, Cayden revealed that EA Motive would be looking forward to showcasing more of the game next year. Of course, this will be after EA Motive is further into the development of Dead Space, but we don’t know when the game will get picked back up for the general public next year.

It could very well be a good way off as the game is only slated for the end of 2022. As a result, there’s a chance we might see this game get pushed back into 2023, but that will be dependent on the development progress goes. When this title does get ready for its big release, it should be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. But, of course, we’re hopeful those console platforms are a bit easier to come by when the end of 2022 gets here.