A new Ken the Warrior spin-off manga has been announced

A new Ken the Warrior spin-off manga has been announced

The famous manga by Ken the Warrior of Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, published in Italy by the Planet Manga publishing house, will enjoy a new manga.

Yasu Hiromoto made the announcement on his Twitter account, on which he posted a photo from this year's November issue of Tokuma Shoten's Comic Zenon magazine revealing the upcoming release of the new Ken the Warrior spin-off manga.

The new spin manga- off by Ken the Warrior

The new spin-off manga of the beloved series is called Hokuto no Ken Gaiden: Taisen Amiba no Isekai Haо̄ Densetsu - Isekai ni Itte mo Ore wa Tensai da! N? Machigatta ka na… (Fist of the North Star Side Story: Genius Amiba's Another World Overlord Legend - Even If I Go to Another World, I Am a Genius !! Huh? Was I Mistaken…).

About what Will this new story with isekai traits be about? The protagonist is Amiba, martial arts genius who in the original series pretends to be Toki who, after being defeated by Kenshiro, wakes up in another world and begins a new adventure.

The manga will be published on the 25th October in Comic Zenon magazine. Sokra Nishiki is writing the story and Nattо̄ Gohan is drawing the manga. Buronson and Tetsuo Hara are credited for the original work.

Ken the Warrior: The Franchise

The original manga ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1983 to 1988 for a total of 245 chapters collected in 27 volumes.

The original manga has generated numerous spin-offs including a prequel, Soten no Ken - The Origins of the Myth, available in Italy thanks to Planet Manga, which has in its catalog also the original manga and other spin-offs.

This is the plot:

Kenshiro will have to leave Shanghai to move to hellish Indonesia, where he will find new and terrible enemies, capable of putting even a master of Hokuto in crisis. Luckily there will be two masters here…

Hiroshi Kurao has recently launched a new spin-off manga titled Hokuto no Ken Seikimatsu Drama Satsuei-hen (Fist of the North Star Apocalypse Drama Filming Arc) on the website of manga Comic Zenon on February 26.

Ken the Warrior was adapted into two anime television series consisting of a total of 152 episodes, produced by Toei Animation and broadcast on Fuji Television from 1984 to 1988 and available on Yamato Video . The franchise also includes some anime films, OAVs and a live-action feature film.

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