Marvel closes Non-Stop Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man arrives

Marvel closes Non-Stop Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man arrives

Marvel closes Non-Stop Spider-Man

Non-Stop Spider-Man is one of the most interesting and appreciated recent series by readers of Marvel comics and lovers of the Spider-Man character. Written by screenwriter Joe Kelly and drawn by Chris Bachalo, the series has suffered several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, as has already happened with the Guardians of the Galaxy series, Marvel has decided to close the series, but not without announcing a new one to replace.

Marvel closes Non-Stop Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man arrives

Marvel has in fact decided to close Joe's Non-Stop Spider-Man series Kelly and designed by Chris Bachalo, whose latest issue will be out on September 29th. The series, however, will be replaced by a new series, also written by Joe Kelly, and which will carry on the plots told in Non-Stop Spider-Man, a series that should end with a cliffhanger that will leave readers speechless.

After the release of the fifth issue of Non-Stop Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man will follow. As mentioned, the series will be scripted again by Kelly and will see a team of designers not yet announced to draw the pages; there is not yet a certain release date for Savage Spider-Man, but we know that the series will be launched in the course of 2022. To accompany Non-Stop Spider-Man to its conclusion, along with Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo, there will be also other designers, such as Cory Smith, Gerardo Sandoval, Tim Townsend, Wayne Fauchier, Victor Nava, Victor Olazaba, Jim Charlampidis, Chris Sotomayor and Travis Lanham.

Panini Comics recently announced the release of Non-Stop Spider-Man: The Brain Game, announced along with many other Marvel news for November 2021. You can find several other volumes on the character on, for example the collection of the Nick Spencer series.

Speaking of Spider-Man, a few days ago we reported the news of the legal dispute between Marvel and Patrick Ditko, brother of the legendary Steve Ditko, who has at the center the rights related to the character of Wall Climbing, but also of Doctor Strange, both created, together with Stan Lee, by Ditko.

Marvel Cancels Spider-Man Series

Non-Stop Spider-Man from writer Joe Kelly and the art team of Chris Bachalo and R.B. Silva is drawing to an end, but the creative team behind the book is transitioning over to a new Spider-Man comic launching early next year. Bleeding Cool suggests the long-delayed series, originally set for release in 2020, will end after just five issues -- and on a cliffhanger, at that! -- but that the story will resume in Savage Spider-Man in 2022, a series that seems likely to be tied to Marvel's aggressive slate of event-driven titles set to launch soon.

Last month, Marvel revealed the first details about eight upcoming tentpole titles that they say will shape the future of the Marvel Universe in the months to come, including a number of projects that are evocative of what's going on in their TV and film projects. The series include events centering around the Fantastic Four and Daredevil, as well as stories that see the Avengers as multiverse-hopping champions of reality. It's all kicked off by Timeless, a time-travel story that centers on a threat presented by Kang the Conqueror, who is working his own way through the multiverse, presumably destined to cross paths with those same Avengers.

Non-Stop Spider-Man was the wall-crawler with a James Bond sensibility, and we may have had more issues of the title if not for the covid-19 pandemic. Not only did the series suffer from a brief work stoppage near the start of the pandemic, as did virtually all of Marvel's projects, but artist Chris Bachalo actually had covid.

'It was really more pandemic affected, honestly,' Kelly told ComicBook earlier this year. 'I feel like we were psyched to have the book, have the launch date, et cetera, and then things started happening. And then I was already a couple of scripts in when, what do you call it, like Diamond shut down. All this stuff seems like 10 years ago, but it's like you start to remember the order of events. And yeah, it was a lot of that. And then once things slowed down, both at Marvel and the industry in general, I think everybody just had to take a break and take stock as to what was what, and when we could release the book with some kind of continuity. And then in the midst of all that, Chris got COVID. So that took him off the board for a little while too. So the world definitely conspired against our little book, for sure.'

We will bring you details on the Savage Spider-Man title if and when they become available.