Skate 4: Signs of life from the skater game including video

Skate 4: Signs of life from the skater game including video

Skate 4

It has been known since the beginning of this year that the newly founded development studio Full Circle is working on the trend sports game Skate 4. Since that day it has become very quiet around the project, even with the live stream of EA Play 2021 there will be nothing to see of the project. In the meantime, however, there is a new sign of life from the game - albeit a rather small one.

The Full Circle development team contacted the community as part of a video message and asked a little about the current status of the work talked to Skate 4. Accordingly, the project is still in a very early phase, so the team cannot really show anything from the skater game so far. However, the team promises to work very hard on it and have more to show for soon. There are therefore no gameplay scenes in the video. But at least the developers give you a little glimpse behind the scenes. Among other things, you will witness some motion capturing recordings with several skaters, which will serve as the basis for the animations in the game. So you get at least a little foretaste of what awaits you in the finished product.

The statements from Full Circle in the video - which you can find below this message by the way - make it clear again that with a release of Skate 4 is definitely not to be expected in the near future. So far there has not been any more specific information in this regard, but the new skater game should not be on the market before 2022 or even sooner 2023.

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5 Details EA Teased for Skate 4 That You Might Have Missed

The Skate 4 teaser trailer revealed more than you know.

Despite the announcement that Skate 4 will not be featured at this year’s EA Play Live, Full Circle and EA released a new short teaser trailer on the progress and development of the game.

The trailer itself did not feature any gameplay, but it mainly focused on reactions from pro skaters, skate fans, and the developers. “We’re working on it” is the title of the short 75-second Skate 4 trailer and although it might have seemed like nothing was announced, there were several big details you might have missed. 

We’re Working On It | skate. Trailer



We’re Working On It | skate. Trailer





Skate 4 Open World  

One of the more obvious hints was that Skate 4 will feature a big open world, as commented on by Twitch Streamer Avalanche. During the trailer, at the 29-second mark, he said “it just looks beautiful, this whole open world”. 

Although it’s not a massive surprise as Skate 3 was also an open-world title, it does tell us that Skate 4 will be sticking to its roots and giving the fans what they know and love.

Skate 4 Climbing 

A surprising comment made by another reaction was that you can now climb in Skate 4. 

It’s impossible to know exactly what this feature means, as it could be the player just reacting to someone climbing up a ramp for example, but the way the reaction was captured seems to indicate it’s a bit more than that.  It’s possible that in Skate 4 you’ll be able to climb buildings and get to more extreme locations, which would make the world feel a lot more authentic.

Skate 4 Customization 

Customization was always a big problem in past Skate titles because although you could change some clothing, you pretty much looked like everyone else. 

It seems like Full Circle is on to this issue though, with one reactor commenting “I don’t want to look like anybody else”.

What’s particularly interesting about this comment is that the trailer transitioned everyone’s faces at the same time as the comment, indicating that the customization in Skate 4 will be much better compared to previous Skate games. 

Skate 4 Custom Level Designer 

One of the other more interesting comments made during the trailer at the 48-second mark, was from Skate3Tommy, who comments “Explain that spinning rail, can you do that to anything?” 

Skate3Tommy is a hugely successful Skate 3 creator and his reaction alongside the spinning animations that were displayed on the screen, seem to indicate it’s more than just a question to the developers on the open world. 

It seems like it was a purposeful question asked to the developers regarding a potential new feature in the game, which could be some kind of level editor. A level editor in a Skate title seems like the perfect fit and combining it with an online experience, could take the franchise to the next level.

Is Skate 4 Free to Play? 

This is definitely a tinfoil hat moment, but one of the biggest focuses in the trailer was Atiba Jefferson reacting “Wait, the game is…” with a cut-off before the next word. 

What’s apparent is that Full Circle and EA wanted to make a big deal of this moment, because shortly after the commentator says “The games what?”, shortly followed by Atiba and Ako reacting with “Wow”.  

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that Skate 4 will be free to play, it’s hard to imagine what else they could be making such a big deal of. Nonetheless, it seems like Skate 4 is still a couple of years away from release, so we’ll need to wait a bit longer to get our hands on it. 

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