Frank Miller is pleased with Zack Snyder's adaptation work

Frank Miller is pleased with Zack Snyder's adaptation work

Frank Miller, the artist and writer who created The Return of the Dark Knight, is certainly one of the most beloved and renowned cartoonists on the American scene. His works are often taken as inspiration for the many films that have seen the DC Extended Universe compose over the years.

Frank Miller is pleased with the adaptations of his comics

At the beginning of the DCEU, Miller, had been concerned about the fate of his creations with not-so-encouraging statements about the work of Zack Snyder and the whole team behind the creation of the cinematic multiverse. In his latest appearance on The Beard and The Bald Movie Podcast he, however, stated:

“I really have to say this: it's been a few years since this all started, ok? And at first, my reaction was very territorial and all the rest. Now, however, I have relaxed; I have a much deeper breath and a more complete view on the whole thing and all I can say is: this is fantastic ”

He later added commenting on his relationship with cinecomics inspired by his comics:

“I mean, I went in and got my idea for The Dark Knight Returns and that was basically the big hit I made, which kicked off my whole career. And since then I have seen the two camps collaborate back and forth. I have benefited greatly from Return of the Dark Knight and they have and continue to do so too. And it can only be seen as a healthy relationship. ”

Miller over the years has had a lot of luck thanks to the cinema and the adaptations that Zack Snyder has made based on his comics, just think of the great success it represented 300 on its release in 2006 becoming a real cult phenomenon.