Rockstar Games: Team deletes YouTube comments on GTA 6

Rockstar Games: Team deletes YouTube comments on GTA 6

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It looks like Rockstar Games doesn't want to see any more YouTube comments on GTA 6 on their own channel for the time being. Accordingly, the development studio is said to have muted the term. A Twitter user noticed this after simply wanting to post "GTA 6" under an older video from Rockstar Games. The comment was then not displayed.

Even with the new trailer for GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S - which was dislikes by the community - there does not seem to be any comment that has anything to do with GTA 6 has to do. Even alternative spellings such as "GTA Six" are not displayed. However, some creative supporters have already managed to bypass the word block from Rockstar Games. The selection includes titles such as "GTA 7 minus 1" or "GTA IIIIII". Of course, fans can still ask for the successor on other platforms - without having to find any creative solutions.

Over eight years after the release of GTA 5, Rockstar Games' open-world title will be another one in March 2022 Time to go on sale - this time for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. At the same time, there will also be a standalone version of GTA Online for the first time, with which the players will only have access to the multiplayer. Incidentally, in the first three months after the launch of GTA Online, the game will be available for free to all PS Plus subscribers. Last month there was a curious scene on German television regarding GTA 6 that even the international press reported on.

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GTA 6 Appears To Be Muted On Rockstar's Own YouTube Channel

Grand Theft Auto fans hungry for information about GTA 6 aren't shy about pestering developer Rockstar Games for information in any way they can, and that includes YouTube comments. Unfortunately for those fans, it looks like Rockstar may have gotten tired of people constantly asking about GTA 6 on the platform, as the phrase now looks to be muted.

As pointed out by one Twitter user (via Dextero), new comments related to GTA 6 posted on an old video on the Rockstar Games YouTube channel fail to appear. A quick scan of more recent videos posted to the channel, such as the widely disliked GTA V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S trailer, shows what appears to be a complete lack of GTA 6 comments as well. Alternate spellings, like GTA Six, also don't appear. Rockstar declined to comment for this story.

Those who still want to comment about GTA 6 will need to come up with some creative math problems that produce the still-unannounced game as the answer or unique alternate spellings to get around the censor. Of course, fans can still ask Rockstar about the status of GTA 6 via other social platforms like Twitter. Unfortunately, no real information is known about about the game, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating on rumors and theories regarding GTA 6 regardless.

GTA 5 released more than eight years ago, so perhaps it isn't a surprise that fans of the franchise are hungry for information about what the next game in the series might entail. While GTA 5 is coming to next-gen consoles and updates for Grand Theft Auto Online have been frequent, plentiful, and profitable for Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two, it seems like more than a few fans are simply ready for the next big thing, and aren't shy when it comes to asking about it.

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