RIDE 4: A video from the PS5 version is making photorealism scream

RIDE 4: A video from the PS5 version is making photorealism scream


A PS5 version RIDE 4 video is literally making photorealism scream. The Milestone game has actually been available for a few months already, but evidently more than someone must not have noticed its release. However, now that the Joy Of Gaming channel has published a video of the version for Sony's latest generation console with 4K resolution and active HDR, a competition for sharing has started, because according to some it is a perfect example of photorealism, as well as the potential of latest consoles.

Currently the video, which you find at the head of the news, has been viewed more than one million seven hundred thousand times and has received for the most part positive comments, some of which incredulous in front of the spectacle offered by the game. Note that RIDE 4 has never received this much attention before, not even at launch. Probably the renewed interest of the public will also be doing well for sales.

For the rest we remind you that RIDE 4 is also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and Amazon Luna. If you want more information about the game, read our RIDE 4 review.

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Ride 4 PS5 Gameplay in First-Person Looks Photorealistically Insane

We’re all used to seeing amazing-looking games, but what if you saw a game that looked so real, it’s hard to imagine it’s a game? That’s exactly what we have with this Ride 4 PS5 gameplay in first-person! It looks so damn photorealistic, you’d think someone attached a Go Pro on their heads and rode a bike!

Watch over eight minutes of insanely good looking Ride 4 PS5 gameplay below!

Developed by Milestone, Ride 4 is now availableon both PS4 and PS5. On the game’s official site, here is what the developers have to say about the game’s next-gen features:

You will SEE the difference, with the dynamic resolution up to 4K and a smoother gameplay at 60FPS.

You will FACE the difference, racing against 20 riders online and offline.

And you will FEEL the difference, thanks to the power of the DualSense™ advanced haptic feedback for PS5™.

You’ve always wondered: “What’s NEXT?”. It’s time to find the answer. Get now your copy!

RIDE 4 is now available on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X, featuring free upgrade on PS5™ until April 30th, 2021, and Smart delivery feature on Xbox System.

I honestly cannot wait for more games to be at this level of graphical fidelity when it comes to realism. Gran Turimso 7 should offer the same level of visuals, as the franchise has always been known to be a technical showpiece for any PlayStation console it’s released for.