FIFA 22: day broken in Italy, evidence circulates on Facebook

FIFA 22: day broken in Italy, evidence circulates on Facebook


FIFA 22 will be available from tomorrow, but in Italy the D1 has been broken and already today many are buying and taking the game home. Evidence is circulating on Facebook.

As you can see for yourself here, there are multiple photographs of video game stores showcasing copies of FIFA 22, claiming that the copies are already available for sale, some of the which date back to yesterday. We can also see photos of the PS5 screen with FIFA 22 installed and ready to start. The D1 was therefore broken well in advance and there is all the evidence necessary to affirm it.

FIFA 22: A FIFA 22 player will be (is, by now) available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One , Xbox Series X | S, Stadia and Nintendo Switch (the latter in Legacy version). In our review we explained to you that: "FIFA 22 arrives on the market with a formula substantially unchanged compared to previous years. EA Sports has worked to improve the game in every aspect, keeping intact, obviously, the DNA. So great attention to FUT and a marked emphasis on the offensive phase and the spectacularization of the sport, with the defenses and midfields acting as non-paying spectators. "

" Everything is placed in the hands of the players who, if good enough, will be able to reach the goal with ease, with airy maneuvers and elegant dribbling. The others will have to adapt or take refuge in the many single player modes where, thanks to the slides and a good artificial intelligence, they will be able to shape the game in their image and likeness. , of a solid and complete package, perhaps the most solid and complete on the market, which is based on a gameplay that has evolved, but which is well recognizable and recognized, in the well and and in the bad. "

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FIFA 22: Release Date and Review of Challenging Clubs to Control in Career Mode

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Ian Walton/Associated Press

One of the best parts of sports video games is taking control of a team and trying to lead them to glory. Sometimes, people like to do so with their favorite team or a squad that's already a powerhouse, but it can also be fun to take a team from the bottom to the top.

FIFA 22 is set to be fully released on Friday, and there will be plenty of people jumping into the game and immediately beginning a Career mode. Some already have, as those who preordered the Ultimate Edition could start playing Monday.

For those who are still waiting, maybe you're trying to decide which team you should try to lead to success. And while it could be a fun to run a side that's already a favorite in its league, why not take over one that poses more of a challenge?

Here's a look at several clubs to consider for a fun-yet-tough experience in Career mode in FIFA 22.

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Rui Vieira/Associated Press

In real life, Brentford is off to a 2-3-1 start this season, which has it at in ninth in the Premier League standings.

However, this is the team's first year in the English top flight, and there's some tough competition that it's going to be up against down the line.

Brentford doesn't have any stars on its roster in FIFA 22, with forward Ivan Toney (76 overall) being its highest-rated player. And the team doesn't have a huge transfer budget, either, sitting around $22.2 million.

To lead the Bees to success in FIFA 22, you will have to make smart decisions that can help you contend with the top teams in the Premier League. You'll be an underdog against many of those major clubs, but it shouldn't be an impossible task, making it a rewarding experience for players to undertake.

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Rui Vieira/Associated Press

Derby County is a great team to choose for Career mode if you're looking to rebuild a club's financial situation.

With a small transfer budget (around $6.5 million) and not a lot of financial room to start, managers who take over the club will need to make wise moves to start the rebuild.

Currently in the EFL Championship, Derby is 3-4-3 and in last place, which has it in danger of relegation. 

The roster isn't going to be too talented to start, with no players rated higher than 72. So, it's going to take some work to get the Rams to climb back up the ranks.

If that sounds like a challenge you'd enjoy, then Derby is a good club for Career mode.

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Matt Dunham/Associated Press

There may be no team in the game that will be more challenging to lead to success than Sutton United. If you're looking for one of the longest possible rebuilds in Career mode, this is the club for you.

Sutton United is currently in EFL League Two, so if you want to get this club to the Premier League, it will have to get promoted three times. And right now, it's not in a situation where it's anywhere close to moving up, considering it's 3-2-3 and in 14th place in the league in real life.

To start, Sutton has a transfer budget of about $1.2 million and no player on its roster that is rated higher than a 62. Get ready for a challenge, because it's not going to be easy to turn this team into a Premier League powerhouse.