Here are the names of the Intel Arc video cards

Here are the names of the Intel Arc video cards

A few weeks ago, on the occasion of the Architecture Day 2021 event, Intel had finally unveiled the first details of its line up of graphics cards dedicated to the world of gaming, which will directly clash with the proposals of the most popular AMD and NVIDIA. We already know that the former, formerly known as Xe-HPG and now called “Alchemist”, will be launched in the first quarter of next year and built on TSMC's 6nm production node. As for the technical characteristics, the GPUs will offer support for hardware Ray Tracing and will also implement dedicated AI units. Furthermore, Intel has already stated that it is working to provide constantly optimized drivers for all video games.

Credit: Intel Recently, the well-known leaker @momomo_us has reported a document in which it is possible to see the nomenclature that should be used by the future line up of graphics cards. Apparently, the Alchemist GPUs should be indicated by the acronym aXXX, where XXX will be a three-digit number that will vary according to the technical characteristics. Following this scheme, subsequent video cards, known by the codenames Battlemage and Celestials, could be marked with the abbreviation bXXX and cXXX.

🆗Intel® Arc ™ a-series graphics

🆖 1st Gen Intel® Arc ™ graphics

- 188 号 (@momomo_us) September 26, 2021

Recall that the first iteration of the GPU Intel Xe HPG will have 8 slices, each consisting of 4 Xe Cores. This constitutes a total vector / matrix count of 512 (8x4x16). Assuming the basic architecture is the same, you should have 4096 ALUs (512 × 8).

Dr. Kevin Zhang, Senior Vice President of Business Development at TSMC, related to Intel graphics cards said in precedence:

In the world of graphics there is an insatiable demand for better performance and more realism. TSMC is thrilled that Intel has chosen our N6 technology for its Alchemist family of discrete graphics solutions.

There are many ingredients for a successful product, including semiconductor technology. With N6, TSMC offers an optimal balance of performance, density and power efficiency, ideal for modern GPUs. We are pleased to partner with Intel on the Alchemist family of discrete GPUs.