PS5: another important triple A exclusive in development?

PS5: another important triple A exclusive in development?


The latest PlayStation Showcase dedicated to games coming out on PS5 showcased Insomniac Games’ amazing capabilities even more, with the official announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine. Already in the last few months, the PlayStation Studios software house has released Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, the remastered of the first chapter, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and now we know that it is also working on these two new projects at the same time.

That Insomniac Games is working hard is certainly nothing new, but today we learn that another project not yet announced could be in development. This was reported by Nick "Shepshial" Baker, a now well-known industry insider who often revealed news about the gaming world long before the official announcement: during the last episode of the XboxEra podcast, Nick revealed that he had received information very interesting from one of its internal sources between PlayStation Studios.

According to the insider, Sony and Marvel are planning an additional PS5 exclusive game dedicated to the company's superheroes, in addition to Spider-Man and Wolverine. In fact, Nick explains that the title will be a multiplayer triple A dedicated to multiple Marvel heroes, although he does not know who the characters will be involved, nor who is the development team behind the mysterious project. His source also made very specific comparisons to better understand the nature of the title, but Nick explains that he cannot say anything to keep the identity of his informant hidden.

To speculate on who is the software house working on the title, Nick explains that it could be Insomniac Games, especially because he already has a great deal of experience with Marvel productions and understands his superheroes very well. However, the insider is keen to specify that this statement is a hypothesis of him and that his source never mentioned the development team behind the project. In order not to miss further news and updates on the issue, stay connected on our pages.

You can find Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS4 or PS5 on Amazon.

A funeral somehow led to a CD getting stuck in my PS5 disk drive

Due to unforeseen events, I’ve come to learn that not only does the PS5 not support CD-R discs, but those CD-R discs may also get stuck in your PS5 disc drive. So, PS5 owners, avoid inserting CD-R discs into your PS5 because I promise you’d want to do your best to avoid sending your console into PlayStation Support.

This dilemma started two weeks ago. I had a big family event coming (a funeral, to be precise), and my family wanted me to sort out the music. Because I consider myself to be something of a music connoisseur, I vowed to myself that I was going to make at least 90% of the attendees cry during the funeral service, and Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day, and Yolanda Adams’ Open My Heart was going to help me do that.

But, there was a problem; the church where the funeral was going to take place only had a CD player for playing music, so I found myself having to burn a CD in 2021.

Testing it out

With the tear-jerking Mariah Carey and Yolanda Adams songs burnt on a blank CD-R disc using an old laptop of mine from 2010, I now needed to check if the songs were successfully burnt on the CD... but I didn’t have a CD player to hand.

Maybe it was because I remembered the PS3 being the ultimate media center, but I thought my PS5 was going to be able to read CD-R discs, so I stupidly inserted the CD-R disc into my PS5 and… it got stuck.

The PS5 didn’t read the disc, and every time I pressed the eject button an ugly rattling sound came from the console. Now panicking, I immediately went onto the PlayStation support site and found you could manually eject discs by taking the side panels off the PS5 and using some screwdriver wizardry. However, that didn’t work either. So, I had no other option but to send my PS5 off for repair.

Businessman pinching temples holding his glasses

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Elnur)PlayStation Support woes

April this year was the first time I’ve had to use PlayStation Support, as my DualSense controller had the all-too-common stick drift issue and needed to be sent in for repair.

I was worried about sending the DualSense for repair due to the slew of negative comments about PlayStation support on Reddit, but thankfully, I was mostly satisfied with the service. PlayStation Support only took two weeks to get my controller back to me, hence I thought sending my PS5 off to the repair center should be a relatively easy process… but it wasn’t.

After a bit of conflicting information about if my PS5 was actually received by the repair center- it was- after about two weeks I finally got my PS5 back. PlayStation Support had successfully got the CD-R disc out of the disc drive and everything was fine, until I tried to insert Deathloop (I’ve been dying to play it for the past week now), only to find that the PS5 simply refused to accept the disc.

So, after ejecting the stuck CD-R disc from the disc drive, no disc could be inserted at all. PlayStation Support, somehow, may not have tested the disc drive before sending the PS5 back out to me, which is kind of ludicrous. Now I’m stuck here with a PS5 that will not take discs, and in hindsight maybe I should’ve bought Deathloop digitally on the PS Store.

Currently, I still haven’t got any definitive word from PlayStation Support on whether I’d need to send back my PS5 to get repaired again.

But, on a good note, my music selection for the funeral was a success, so my thanks goes out to Mariah Carey and Yolanda Adams for making my family tear up.

On the other hand, I’m about to cry myself, looking at all the PS5 games I can’t currently play, which is partly PlayStation Support’s fault, but largely my own fault for thinking my new PS5 could play CD-R discs.