Ultramega: saldaPress announces the new comic series of violent and monstrous kaiju

Ultramega: saldaPress announces the new comic series of violent and monstrous kaiju


SaldaPress has just announced the upcoming release of Ultramega on its social channels. Released in America on March 17 with a special 68-page issue, published by Image and Skybound Entertainment, it features three fighters who defend the Earth from the attack of kaiju with anthropomorphic features.

Ultramega: the new series by James Harren and Robert Kirkman

James Harren and Robert Kirkman return to work together after BPRD and Rumble on a new story dedicated to a timeless genre, that of Kaiju, able to bring together comics readers and manga.

Ultramega, created by James Harren (with the colors of Dave Stewart) and produced by Robert Kirkman's Skybound, will be released in Italy on November 4th thanks to the SaldaPress publishing house, which describes the plot as follows:

A virus as contagious as it is devastating is rampant in the world: infected human beings undergo a terrible metamorphosis that leads them to transform into gigantic monsters thirsting for destruction. Only three individuals endowed with incredible powers hold back this madness that is bringing humanity to the brink of extinction: the Ultramegas. But their battles raze cities to the ground and sow unspeakable horrors, risking being a worse solution than the evil they oppose.

When the series was released in America James Harren presented the project like this:

"I hope readers will appreciate the honest attempt to make visceral, surprising and bizarre comics. It's a celebration of the kind of volumes I grew up with: action-packed comics, blood and swearing. Skybound has granted me the incredible privilege of playing and experimenting, with a little luck, also delivering a volume different from all the others. And Dave Stewart is there to take a home run and make the world a better place with his color plates. "

Waiting for the release of the first volume of Ultramega, recover Rumble. What is the color of darkness? published by Panini Comics and available on Amazon!

Metallica pay tribute to Chris Cornell with ‘I Am the Highway’ concert vinyl

Metallica have released the concert recording from the ‘I Am the Highway’ tribute show for the late Chris Cornell.

The metal legends performed ‘All Your Lies’ and ‘Head Injury’ – both songs from Soundgarden‘s 1988 album ‘Ultramega OK’ – at a show for the late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman in January. Now, the band has shared those live-recorded covers as part of their vinyl club.

Artwork for the release is a play on the band’s ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct‘ (2016) cover, which is a multi-face mural but this time incorporates Cornell’s visage instead. Pearl Jam‘s Jeff Ament designed the new artwork – see here.

Drummer Lars Ulrich said in a statement: “Thank you for your musk, thank you for the words, for your thoughts… Thank you for the shows, thank you for the good times, for putting yourself out there… and thank you, along with your fellow bandmates, for giving us something that inspired us, excited us, meant something, moved us, and not only gave us belief in the possibilities, but turned us the fuck on.

“What an honour to have known you, to have shared the stage with you and created next level memories, and ultimately to nave been included in the L.A. celebration of your life, which allowed us the opportunity to share with the world just how much your music and your brilliance meant to us.”

Cornells’ family thanked Metallica for honouring Chris’ memory with the vinyl release.

In an Instagram post, Vicky Cornell, along with daughter Toni and son Christopher, wrote: “Thank you so much to Metallica for the love and appreciation that you have shown for Chris and for memorialising that love, admiration and support from your performances at the ‘I Am the Highway’ tribute on this truly amazing and special vinyl. Joining the tribute concert meant so much to me and my children and to so many fans around the world… And I know how proud Chris would be, not only because you were there as his friends, but also because he was such a huge Metallica fan.”

They added: “Thank you so much and thank you Lars for your very kind words about Chris. It is true that ‘a man is not dead while his name is still spoken.’ Thank you for continuing to honour him. Loudlove. Vicky, Toni and Christopher.”

Cornell’s daughter Toni also wrote individually online: “Thank you @metallica for honouring my dad and helping keep his memory alive.”

In other news, Metallica are set to launch a new podcast that will go behind the scenes of their classic LP ‘The Black Album’.