PSN Sale: The new deal of the week is online - this hit game is waiting for you

PSN Sale: The new deal of the week is online - this hit game is waiting for you

PSN Sale

The current PSN sale is growing: Sony has switched the new offer of the week live. Thus, the publisher will be focusing on a deal over the next few days: This week's offer of the week includes The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim in the special edition. You can get the edition for 14.99 euros - a 75 percent discount. A look at the price comparison shows: The PSN deal is one of the top deals. The price comparison also lists a disk version for 13.99 euros. However, there are still steep shipping costs of 8.99 euros. At Skyrim Special Edition for PS4 currently costs 16.99 euros (as of September 30, 8:30 a.m.).

The Special Edition of Skyrim offers optimized graphics compared to the Vanilla release and effects, volumetric bundles of rays, dynamic depth of field and screen space reflections. There is also a mod support. The Special Edition also includes the Twilight Watch, Hearth Fire and Dragon Blood add-ons. So if you don't yet own the role-playing game, but still want to catch up on it, you currently have a very attractive option.

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PSN: New sale with over 130 game deals - Highlights for PS4 & PS5 on offer

New Wednesday, new PSN sale: Sony attracts with fresh offers in the PlayStation Store - on games for PS4 and PS5. PS4 PS3 PSV PSP 1

PSN: Games sale for the weekend - over 100 deals for PS4 & PS5 live

Shortly before the weekend, Sony is enticing with another PSN sale: There are over 100 new game deals in the PlayStation Store went online. PS4 PS3 PSV PSP 0

PSN Sale: The new offer of the week is online - this game deal is waiting for you

Sony is expanding the current PSN sale and is putting the deal of the week online. This offer is waiting for you. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1380552,1380496,1380221,1380117'; In our review of the original edition of Skyrim you will find out what makes the Bethesda RPG a hit. A huge open game world, a decent dungeon design, a fantastic soundtrack, a gigantic scope and a great, believable atmosphere await you. If you are looking for more game deals for PS4 and PS5, you should also find what you are looking for in the PlayStation Store. A big blockbuster sale with over 130 games only went online on Wednesday.

New PSN Store Sale “Games Under $15” Now Live, Over 275 Games Discounted

Alongside the surprise Steam PlayStation sale that came out of nowhere earlier today, as well as the big “Blockbuster Games” sale that also went live earlier, Sony has also launched the new PSN Store “Games Under $15” sale that pops up from time to time. There are over 250 games discounted, which you can see in its entirety below.

New PSN Store Sale “Games Under $15” (Ends 10/13):

Games Under $20 PSN Store Link

There’s some solid games available there too.

What do you think? Does this sale have something for that piqued your interest? Head down to the comments to let us know which ones you will be picking up, and remember to hurry; this sale will be ending in two weeks!

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