Windows 11 Ready to Launch: The latest beta for Insiders is available as a Release Preview

Windows 11 Ready to Launch: The latest beta for Insiders is available as a Release Preview

Windows 11 Ready to Launch

The most recent beta build for Insider of Windows 11 has arrived on the Release Preview channel and it is in all likelihood the one we will be installing starting from October 5, the starting day of the roll out launch of the new Microsoft operating system. In fact, this is version 22000.194, an evolution of the build intended for manufacturers (RTM), which has some refinements and some bug fixes.

It therefore does not include significant news, but corresponding to the launch version it should be able to be installed without too many fears, a rather simple procedure, by those who have some doubts but want to get their hands on official distribution. Those who have already taken the step towards the new operating system can carry out the update that appears as an optional update in the Windows Update section.

Having said that, we still expect that in the first months Windows 11 will face some running-in problems, typical of all operating systems, also incorporating important optimizations to the management of the priority of the applications in the foreground, Android support albeit destined to arrive at a later time and relevant innovations that should include the gaming sector. However, giving up 32-bit support and being largely an evolution of Windows 10, it could be more stable than previous Windows incarnations. On the other hand, part of the work derives from what has been done with the never released Windows 10X, including the new interface that returns to look at tablets and ultraportable, but this time without tiles in order to adapt without problems even to normal use on the desktop.

The different souls of Windows 11 and the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio seem like the perfect recipe for a happy marriage. Showing confidence in its new operating system, Microsoft has decided to combine the launch of Windows 11 with the new Microsoft surface devices among which stand out the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, a powerful ultraportable with a tilting screen, and the Microsoft Surface 8 Pro, a 2 in 1 with detachable keyboard that is proposed as the most powerful in the world in its category. All seasoned with the Surface Go 3 and a new Surface Slim Pen 2, more precise and equipped with haptic feedback to simulate the use of a real pen.

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Microsoft gets Windows 11 ready for release with new build

Windows 11

Microsoft has moved Windows 11 to the Windows Insider 'Release' channel in anticipation of its upcoming launch on October 5th.

Until today, the Windows Insider Release channel has been offering users Windows 10 21H2 (v19044), which is expected to be released next month.

Starting today, Microsoft is now offering Windows 11 as an optional download within Windows Update for users with compatible hardware, as shown below.

The Windows 11 build offered in the Release channel is Build 22000.194, which was also released to users in the Beta channel on September 16th.

For the last couple of Windows 11 builds in the Beta channel, Microsoft has only been fixing bugs in preparation for the operating system's launch.

Unfortunately, there are still numerous features missing from Windows 11 that users have grown accustomed to in Windows 10 and are requesting to be added back to Windows 11.

These missing features include the Taskbar context menu, the ability to drag and drop files onto open Taskbar applications, the ability to move the taskbar to the top or sides of the screen, and the ability to ungroup running applications.

While Microsoft is aware of these requests, none of them are likely to make it into the initial release of Windows 111.

If these missing features are critical to you, it may be wise to wait for the next version of Windows 11 before installing the new operating system.

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