Launch of New World: Long queues & server problems

Launch of New World: Long queues & server problems

Launch of New World

After several postponements and a few test phases, the starting signal for the online role-playing game New World was finally given this morning at 8:00 a.m. German time. But the launch is anything but smooth, the start of the MMO from Amazon Game Studios is overshadowed by problems.

As can be read in the official forum, the players have to struggle with extremely long queues. This became apparent shortly after the launch in the early hours of the morning, when some users had to deal with three-digit waiting positions. In the meantime, however, the onslaught has grown significantly, the numbers are in the four-digit, sometimes even five-digit range.

The best example of this is the German server "Utgard", which at times had a queue with more than 10,000 players . Other servers, on the other hand, are much less crowded, but not much can be done there either without a little patience. We are already curious to see how the situation will develop in the further course of the day. In the evening at the latest, there should be another big rush in Europe when many fans return home from work or school.

Incidentally, this is only one of several problems that the launch of New World ( buy now 39.99 €) currently a bit messed up. Some players report in the official forum, among other things, about disconnections and lags, which logically disrupt the flow of the game considerably. There is also talk of "black screens" lasting minutes. Even inaccessible servers seem to be an issue from time to time, so some players cannot log in at all.

Are you already at the launch of New World? What are your first experiences with the MMO? Are you plagued by problems too? Report to us in the comments!

Source: official forum

Here Are The ‘New World’ Server Launch Times Around The World Today

New World


Today marks the arrival of New World, the one Amazon Games project that seems to have made it out in a coherent form, as successful early previews have given way to the game’s official launch today.

The sprawling MMO will be going live at various points in time today, and there’s a list of times based on region when the staggered launch will be taking place. Depending on where you are, it may already be live by the time you read this.

Here are the New World server launch times:

  • 8 AM CEST EU Servers will launch (9/27 at 11 pm PT)
  • 8 AM BRT South American Servers will launch (9/28 4 am PT)
  • 9 PM AEST Australian Servers will launch (9/28 4 am PT)
  • 8 AM ET NA East Coast Server will launch (9/28 at 5 am PT)
  • 8 AM PT NA West Coast Servers will launch
  • So, everything is at 8 AM local time, except Australia which is at 9 PM, and that was done so it could have the same “launch day” as everywhere else thanks to its wide time difference. Here in America, times are split between 8 AM ET and then 8 AM PT, which means that the West Coast will launch three hours later than the East Coast. I know some players are planning to play on East Coast servers even if they’re in the West Coast just so they can get a head start and don’t have to wait.

    New World


    New World is going to be a massive test for Amazon, a company that has heavily struggled to produce really…any games at all, despite talented developers and its sprawling size. New World itself has undergone many, many reworks and delays and once upon a time, it seemed rather doomed like many of Amazon’s other projects, but it appears to have made it out the other side intact, and has attracted the eye of many, surging to popularity on Twitch during its test periods. The main unknown right now is how the endgame is going to play out in practice, but many players are eager to simply head back in and start chopping down trees again.

    It is an exceedingly difficult task to launch a new MMO in 2021, especially one that’s an entirely original IP made by a publisher that has barely produced anything to date. If Amazon can rise to the challenge here, maybe there’s hope for them as a gaming brand (beyond owning Twitch) yet.

    We’ll see how the launch goes today, and if there may be any login server issues initially here, which is not uncommon for any game’s launch. I’m going to hop in myself later today, and will report my first impressions this week.

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