Dark Souls dubbed in Italian is reality! Here is the trailer of the mod

Dark Souls dubbed in Italian is reality! Here is the trailer of the mod

Dark Souls is among those titles that will always remain in the hearts of gamers for multiple factors. Between the well-structured gameplay and an incredibly in-depth lore to be discovered, the work manages to keep interest alive despite the fact that ten years have passed since the release of the first chapter of the saga. Many users will remember it as a great pastime, while others curse the day they pressed the "Play" button for the first time: it's all part of the package.

The game interface and its textual content are have been translated into various languages, obviously including Italian, in order to make the title more accessible to users. What has always been lacking, however, is the dubbing in languages ​​other than the original one, still available today only in English.

Well, it seems that we Italians will finally have the opportunity to enter the world of the first chapter of Dark Souls with an Italian dubbing. You got it right: the voices of the game have been adapted in our language by the Unite 101 group, which has given life to such an outdated, but always current title. Obviously it goes without saying that this is not an official translation, but a mod created by the users of the chapter. Below you can get an idea of ​​how the dubbing will be inside the work, with the official trailer of the mod.

The mod in question is called The Italian Mod, and will be made available for download at starting October 14 this year on one of the best known sites for content of this kind, namely NexusMods. We just have to wait for its imminent arrival in just a couple of weeks, to be able to enjoy the game with a different level of immersion.

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