PlayStation Studios: More acquisitions are on the way, according to an insider

PlayStation Studios: More acquisitions are on the way, according to an insider

PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios may have other acquisitions to be announced in the next period, demonstrating the intense expansion activity that characterizes Sony's first parties at this point, according to a generally reliable insider.

The source in question is Shinobi602, whose activity is quite known in the videogame field and which usually proves to be reliable, who intervened on the ResetEra forum with a simple gif that suggests that Sony is probably planning further acquisitions to be announced soon, after those that took place in these months.

Responding to a user who pointed out that Firesprite and Nixxes are now part of the official page dedicated to PlayStation Studios, symbolizing the conclusion of the acquisition procedures, Shinobi replied with a gif taken from The Lord of the Rings in which we see Frodo stating "there is still room for something else".

The question remains intentionally vague, but it seems to be a clear reference to the fact that more teams will be added to PlayStation Studios in the near future. On the other hand, this is certainly not an absurd idea, considering that Sony is currently in an expansion phase and something else could easily emerge in the coming months.

Just yesterday the acquisition of Fabrik Games as an integral part of Firesprite, which itself had recently been acquired by Sony, shortly after the announcement of the acquisition of Housemarque. On the other hand, the question of BluePoint is still pending, the protagonist of a strange case: it seems that the Japanese social account of PlayStation had anticipated the acquisition of the team, only to then delete all the evidence. In response, Bluepoint later confirmed that they are an independent team, but at this point the doubt remains.

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PlayStation Studios Could Have Other Acquisitions to Announce – Rumor

PlayStation Studios

Sony’s PlayStation Studios has been having a fairly busy year with the acquisition of Housemarque (Returnal), Nixxes Software (for bringing more titles to PC) and Firesprite Studios (which is rumored to be working on a Horizon VR title). But it seems that other acquisitions could be announced in the future, at least judging from a tease by insider shinobi602 on ResetEra.

Regarding Nixxes and Firesprite Studios now being included in the PlayStation Studios page, the insider posted a GIF of The Lord of the Rings‘ Frodo stating, “There’s room for a little more.” Another insider Matt, who’s leaked details on acquisitions for Xbox Game Studios in the past, replied but with a simple, “Ha.” Both are either joking around or potentially hinting at something coming up.

It could honestly go either way so take this with a grain of salt. One possibility is that Bluepoint Games is announced as the next big acquisition. Originally leaked by PlayStation Japan in a tweet, which was then removed, the announcement was rumored to be happening at the recent PlayStation Showcase. Time will tell if the developer has really joined the PlayStation Studios roster so stay tuned in the coming days.