Steam Deck will counteract the cheaters

Steam Deck will counteract the cheaters

Steam Deck will also take sides against cheaters. The confirmation comes directly from BattlEye, via his Twitter account. The news could be taken for granted, considering that the new Valve console is based directly on its client. Despite this, the reports of anti cheat systems claiming to support Gabe Newell's new hardware are increasing day by day, probably also due to the imminent arrival of the platform.

As we said above, BattlEye has confirmed that Steam Deck will be seamlessly integrated with their system. "BattlEye has immediately provided native support between Linux and Mac. Today we announce that our service will also be available on Steam Deck", the message that accompanies the tweet that officially announces support for the new hardware from Valve. However, as specified by BattlEye, the service obviously remains at the discretion of the developers, who can decide whether to activate it or not at their choice. Exactly as it happens now on PC, with games that can freely choose which anti-cheating system to turn to independently.

BattlEye is not the only system that has joined Steam Deck. In recent weeks, in fact, even the popular Easy Anti Cheat service (used by many Battle Royale and party games such as Fall Guys) have given their support to the new console from Valve. But how does the support work in detail? Simple: thanks to Proton. The new hardware developed by Gabe Newell's company is in fact based on Proton and therefore, to be compatible with Steam Deck, even the anti cheat systems must be activated.

BattlEye has provided native Linux and Mac support for a long time and we can announce that we will also support the upcoming Steam Deck (Proton). This will be done on an opt-in basis with game developers choosing whether they want to allow it or not.

- BattlEye (@TheBattlEye) September 24, 2021

Steam Deck will be available starting later this year. However, the units will continue to be shipped and sold even after December 2021. Valve has opened pre-orders in recent months, only through its platform. A system that seems to have countered the touts.

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