The Sandman Netflix series: the video preview

The Sandman Netflix series: the video preview

The Sandman Netflix series

Netflix has released a video preview of The Sandman, a TV series based on Neil Gaiman's best-known comic book. In the video, which you find at the head of the news, we can see a rite with which Sandman is taken prisoner.

The Sandman series has aroused a lot of interest because of its subject, which is very difficult to render out of the comic. The potential is there, also because Gaiman is directly involved in the project, but the source text is much more complicated and rich than that of any Marvel (just to make a comparison). We'll see if it was worth it or if, at the very least, we will take the opportunity to reread the comics for the umpteenth time.

Let's read how Netflix describes the movie:

The Lord of dreams was invoked and captured by mere mortals. Once free, the eternal ruler of the dream world will realize that his problems have just begun.

The Sandman is a Netflix production based on the hit comic series created by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics. The executive production of the series is entrusted to Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg and David S. Goyer.

Have you noticed any errors?

'The Sandman' teaser shows the capture of Morpheus

You no longer have to wonder just what Netflix's adaptation of Sandman will look like. Netflix has shared a teaser for The Sandman that reveals the pivotal moment when an occult ritual captures Morpheus (aka Dream, played by Tom Sturridge) and sets the story in motion. As author Neil Gaiman put it, scenes like this will be more than a little reminiscent of the comic book series — good news if you were hoping for a faithful adaptation.

The series has a slew of well-known actors, including Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, Stephen Fry as Gilbert, and Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven. You'll also likely recognize actors like Narcos' Boyd Holbrook (playing The Corinthian) and The Good Place's Kirby Howell-Baptiste (as Death).

Netflix still won't commit to a release date for The Sandman beyond 'coming soon.' Still, it's evident the company is giving the show a lavish treatment. It's expecting a hit on par with Gaiman's other adaptations (such as Amazon's American Gods and Good Omens), and it's delivering the production values to match.

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