Tesla and air conditioners, Musk is serious

Tesla and air conditioners, Musk is serious

Tesla and air conditioners

Elon Musk has returned to talk about air conditioners for the home in a recent tweet where he claims that Tesla will soon enter this sector with a lot of targeted marketing. The safety highlighted in these statements derives from the goals already achieved in the automotive field with the air purification in the passenger compartment of the Tesla range.

You will already know the famous and high-sounding Bioweapon Defense Mode, an air purification system that the Californian house introduced a few years ago in its cars. Less energy-intensive than traditional cars, it is also stricter in terms of blocking harmful substances in the air.

The name derives from its proximity to military technologies, so much so that Tesla supports its ability to even protect us from bacteriological attacks. Since it was presented, however, there are no Tesla cars that have been put to the test in this field, nor of users brave enough to prove their actual resistance.

Beyond the easy ironies, Musk he had already mentioned last year the use of similar technologies in the household, also with the aim of limiting the dispersion of heat and energy associated with the use of many household appliances at the same time. Considering the filtering capabilities of Tesla systems, originally designed to optimize the batteries present in electric cars, consumption could drop significantly while household energy efficiency will see a sharp rise.

Looking back at the acquisition of SolarCity with the relative production of solar panels and batteries, it is not difficult to look to Tesla's future as an “all-round” ecological brand with targeted offers for the home built on the development of technologies already applied in the automotive field.

One wonders how the whole system will be presented, given that Musk himself has never held back in terms of slogans. If for cars we have seen the arrival of a Bioweapon Defense Mode, for homes we cannot exclude a Nuclear Winter Mode ...

Elon Musk Says New HVAC Firmware Coming 'Soon' In Tesla EVs And Will Be 'Quieter'

a car parked in front of a building © Provided by Benzinga Tesla Inc’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday said cabin noise for its mid-size sedan Model 3 is set to get even 'quieter' soon.

What Happened: Musk tweeted in response to a video to say Tesla is working on new HVAC firmware - heating, ventilation and air conditioning - that will further lower the already quiet cabin noise.

“New HVAC firmware coming soon that will make it quieter,” Musk replied to a tweet showcasing the noise reduction capabilities of Model 3.

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Why It Matters: Cabin noise and vibration play a key role in influencing a customer's perception and decision to buy a vehicle. Automakers usually use sound blankets to absorb the noise and vibrations from a vehicle’s air conditioning unit.

Musk had last year at the company's Battery Day event said he plans to make “super-efficient home HVAC with HEPA filters someday.”

'That’s a pet project that I’d love to get going on. I don’t know, maybe we’ll start working on that next year. Because I just think, man, you could really make a way better home HVAC system that’s really quiet and super efficient, super energy efficient, and also has a way better filter for particles,' Musk replied to a question at the event.

The Tesla CEO reiterated similar sentiments in a tweet Tuesday, saying 'Home hvac that is super energy efficient, quiet & purifies the air would be great.' Musk added that the new HVAC firmware to be rolled out was made with the cars in mind but 'can be scaled up for home use.'

Price Action: Tesla shares closed 2.97% lower at $599.36 on Tuesday.

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