CD project: Production of the next game will not start until 2022

CD project: Production of the next game will not start until 2022

CD project

When is a new Witcher coming? Or maybe something completely different from CD Projekt Red? That will probably take a while. Because this year the studio wants to take care of Cyberpunk 2077 first and is in a transition phase.

A new game is a long time coming

From CD Projekt Red it says: "As we did during the Having announced strategy updates, we plan to start AAA development in 2022. Now is a year of transformation, there is a lot more work to be done on cyberpunk. A lot of the team is still working on cyberpunk, but there is definitely Teams preparing future unannounced projects. I would say that 1/3 of the cyberpunk team is [...] working on an unannounced thing, but it's not that we have AAA development in parallel. [...] ] Almost half of the cyberpunk team is still working on the game itself and [the] next-gen edition. Then we have teams preparing to work on unannounced AAA series. "

So it is currently not finding any large production of a new game takes place, although teams are in preparation stuck for further projects. Of course, CD Projekt Red did not reveal what it was all about. So we do not know whether there will be a new game from the Witcher series among them.

What is certain is that the developers are still taking the whole year to deal with Cyberpunk 2077 after the unsuccessful launch around one to bring it into shape for half a year. Then nothing should stand in the way of a return of the action role-playing game to the Playstation Store. And hopefully the team has learned from its mistakes for the new game production.

Source: WCCFTech