Tesla Model S Plaid runs Cyberpunk 2077 at the PS5 level, says Elon Musk

Tesla Model S Plaid runs Cyberpunk 2077 at the PS5 level, says Elon Musk

Tesla Model S Plaid runs Cyberpunk 2077 at the PS5 level

The new Tesla Model S Plaid has an infotainment system that, according to the CEO of the company Elon Musk, substantially equalizes PS5 in terms of computational power and graphic quality, with a direct comparison made just officially by the famous founder of Tesla.

We have seen how the new Tesla is able to make Cyberpunk 2077 work in a remarkable way, thanks to the new integrated audio-video system based on AMD technology, even equipped with a Ryzen processor and dedicated RDNA 2 GPU. "There has never been a car equipped with this state of the art in terms of computational technology," said Elon Musk of the Tesla Model S Plaid at a recent unveiling event.

"These are PS5-level performance, yes it can run Cyberpunk at a pretty high frame-rate and it can run very advanced games at 60 fps. " Indeed, the new Tesla infotainment system in question, present on both Model S and Model X, is decidedly advanced, something never seen on a vehicle.

This is a complex CPU + GPU of around 10 teraflops, practically at the level of the SoC present in the PS5 in potential terms. The Cyberpunk 2077 demo shown ran on the infotainment of a $ 130,000 Tesla S Plaid and actually worked very well. Moreover, a sort of dedicated controller with the Tesla brand has also appeared, although it seems that the demo worked using a normal Xbox controller.

The Tesla Model S controller But what exactly is a system like this for advanced for making video games in a car? Musk replied to this: "If you think about the future, when cars will go in autopilot or self-driving mode most of the time, then entertainment will become more and more important," said Tesla's CEO.

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Elon Musk Put ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ In The Tesla Model S Plaid Running At ‘PS5 Level’

Cyberpunk 2077


Well you may not be able to find Cyberpunk 2077 in the PlayStation Store, but you know where you can find it? A Tesla Model S Plaid.

The high performance car has what Elon Musk is calling a “state of the art infotainment system” and in a recent showcase, he bragged about the car putting out PS5-level gaming performance.

You can see him talking about it in the video below (22:30) and showing off the game he chose to put inside it, Cyberpunk 2077.

My first thought when seeing this was that yeah, it actually did look like it was running pretty well on the internal hardware there, and Musk confirms that it’s running at 60 fps. That is indeed PS5 level performance, as PS4 Cyberpunk is nowhere even close to that, one of the many reasons Sony is no longer selling it.

Musk has had a soft spot for Cyberpunk 2077 since its launch, praising it on Twitter multiple times, though occasionally commenting on its bugs. Given his vision of the future it’s no surprise the game resonates with him, and it also may help that his girlfriend, the singer Grimes, is both in the game on the radio and as an actual quest NPC for a brief stretch.

The obvious question the installation of a quasi-PS5 in a Tesla raises is…when exactly are you supposed to play this? Are you going to be in your car that often where firing up a 20-50 hour game like Cyberpunk 2077 is worthwhile? And presumably this does not have cross save with any console or PC version, given that there’s no cross save between any platforms currently. This seems more like a tech demo than something that will get much practical use. But I won’t dare call any part of a Tesla “impractical” lest I summon the wrath of a thousand angry fans.

I mean, it’s cool tech. I certainly can see a future where integrated gaming systems in auto-driving cars would be more relevant, but until we go fully autonomous, I’m not sure what the use case really is here.

Meanwhile, in other Cyberpunk news, CDPR said that their data breach was worse than they thought and information from the hack is now starting to leak online, which could include employee information. And now at least one of CDPR’s investors is calling on the heads of the company to resign after the disastrous year they’ve had.

But hey, Cyberpunk! In a Tesla!

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