Ubisoft, referrals on the way? Development of a title could be started from scratch

Ubisoft, referrals on the way? Development of a title could be started from scratch


Bad news could come from the Ubisoft front: according to a source close to the company, intercepted by GameLuster, the development of Skull & Bones 'would not be in good water'. Indeed, the release of the title could slip beyond 2022. Several burning details have also been revealed on Rainbow SIx Parasite, the awaited new chapter of the well-known shooter saga, of which, in recent months, we have been able to taste five minutes of gameplay ( we talked about it in this news). Without indulging in futile chatter, let's examine together what is reported.

According to the words of the source, Skull & Bones could slip beyond 2022, as specified above: but for what reason? Apparently, the development of the title would have started from scratch, in conjunction with the dismissal of the managing director of Singapore Studio (due to the storm linked to harassment in the Ubisoft studios). The source, however, has not confirmed whether the restart of development is linked to the problems of the study mentioned above. Nonetheless, it would not seem a coincidence.

As for Rainbow Six Parasite, another Ubisoft title, the release of the title could be closer than expected, that is by the end of 2021. But the burning detail concerns well other: according to the source, the new chapter of the franchise will be a free-to-play game! A wise move by the French software house, with the first chapter of the Rainbow Six series being offered for free. Will it be able, however, to emerge in the midst of fierce competition? We just have to wait for new gameplay that, according to the rumor, could arrive on the occasion of E3 2021.

As always, we invite you to stay tuned with us at Game Division for further updates on this. In the meantime, we invite you to read our editorial: “GTA 4: the true next generation open world“.

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Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot Reveals What Progress Has Been Made Following Sexual Harassment Reports Last Year

Ubisoft head honcho Yves Guillemot has detailed the progress the French publishing giant has made following widespread allegations of sexual harassment and toxic work environment aimed at multiple teams within the company last year.

Guillemot published his writings on the Ubisoft blog, and they come following claims from French outlet Le Telegramme that Ubisoft had only made small changes.

Last June, we faced the fact that not all team members were experiencing the safe and inclusive workplace that we had always intended Ubisoft to be. Since then, we have engaged in a company-wide effort to listen, learn and build a roadmap for a better Ubisoft for all.

With this in mind, I want to summarise the work we have done and the direction in which we are headed.

The Ubisoft boss revealed that 14,000 employees within the company engaged in “group-wide assessments, including an anonymous questionnaire,” and that 2,000 employees attended “focus groups and listening sessions.”

We have recently implemented a new performance criterion to our compensation scheme with specific expectations for managers. This new attribute will focus on our ability to care for people, behave inclusively, and foster a safe and respectful work environment.

The executive assured that “considerable progress” has been made at Ubisoft following the allegations, and that it will “continue to work hard with the ambition of becoming an exemplary workplace in the tech industry.”

10,000 team members connected live to virtual town halls in early May, where we shared the latest progress being made, and we will continue to share regular updates with them.

Management – myself included – have a responsibility to act as role models and be exemplary for our teams. I want to stress my personal commitment to continue to improve our workplace culture and create real, lasting and positive change at Ubisoft.

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Ubisoft is one of many publishers that will be taking part in the digital-only E3 2021 event next month.

[Source – Ubisoft]