Square Enix at E3 2021 will not announce anything big about Final Fantasy, for a leaker

Square Enix at E3 2021 will not announce anything big about Final Fantasy, for a leaker

Square Enix at E3 2021 will not announce anything big about Final Fantasy

E3 2021 is getting closer and the hopes of the players are getting more and more intense: will there be big announcements? Will we be able to see the games we most await? Each conference brings with it a considerable load of expectations, especially in the case of Square Enix. Now, through a leak, we can discover that there may not be any major announcements related to Final Fantasy.

The information comes from Sasliquid, a member of the ResetEra forum. What he said was verified by the forum administration team and is therefore worthy of attention. Sasliquid states, precisely: "I would not expect any big news from Final Fantasy". This is a very generic phrase that leaves room for some doubts.

Will Final Fantasy 16 be there? Recently, we remember, we had the opportunity to discover the existence of a game known for now as "Final Fantasy Origin", a souls-like in development at Team Ninja (again according to the leaks, there is nothing official): probably, such a game would be "big news". The sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake would also be part of the idea of ​​"big news" (but other rumors had already excluded it from the list of games of E3 2021). It is possible that Sasliquid intends to say that we will not be able to see these two games, but that there will be room for titles already known as Final Fantasy 16. For now it is just speculation based on rumors, so they leave the time they find.

The only solution, right now, is to wait for the conference to arrive and find out for yourself. Recall that the following games have been confirmed for the conference: Life is Strange True Colors and the remaster of the first chapter, Marvel's Avengers Black Panther, Babylon's Fall and the new game from Eidos Montréal, which according to rumors is a Guardians of the Galaxy game . You can read all our expectations for Square Enix's E3 2021 conference in our special.

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PlayStation 5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Game Could Be Revealed At E3 2021

Final Fantasy

A new Final Fantasy game exclusively for the PlayStation 5 could be unveiled at E3 2021. Square Enix is reportedly working on a new PS5 exclusive game to be unveiled during the show. The news comes from insiders at Navtra who have provided reliable information about the Square Enix project.

Discovered by VGC, Navtra revealed the news in a comment on Resetera, in a thread about Final Fantasy 16. According to ResetEra user Navtra, which has leaked a few PlayStation announcements in the past, Square Enix will announce a new Final Fantasy RPG for the PS5 in addition to all that has already been announced. It looks like the publisher will announce an exclusive Final Fantasy title for the PS5 on the 2021 show. That means it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive of all time, according to Navtra and the company.

The next major release of the series, Final Fantasy XVI, is currently in development for the PlayStation 5. According to the informant, another game could be unveiled during the Square Enix show on E3. There is a chance that this could be another exclusive game for PlayStation 5, this time for the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy

I think you can expect at least one more big FF announcement in addition to the already announced updates for things like XV, Endwalker, and VIIR.

The E3 2021 is less than a month away, and the rumor mill is heating up as insiders reveal information about what we could see. While Square Enix has announced its participation in the upcoming E3 2021, unlike most other E3 participants, it has not announced any themes for the show. However, Resetera, a popular industry insider for Navtra, has a new rumor that Square Enix is preparing a grand final fantasy announcement along with the expected updates.

Final Fantasy

Resetera user Navtra, a well-known insider with a solid track record of past revelations, says Square Enix will release two major revelations in June, one of which could be an exclusive Final Fantasy for the PS5. Square Enix hasn’t revealed it yet but seems to have ruled out new trailers for Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII remake: Intergrade, of which the latter could be released by E3 in 2021. Although these rumors are not worth reporting, the well-known leaker Navtra predicted many of the announcements at last year’s conference, so the two big SE revelations are worth keeping an eye on.

FF 14 PlayStation

While the PS5 will not be in attendance for any game announcements or unveilings from its partners including Square Enix, which is producing an exclusive FF game for the PS5 in addition to FF 16, industry insider and unveiler Navtra has detailed information about what has been revealed and announced in the past including information about Square Enix and FF 15. The biggest, borderline huge PS5 exclusivity leaked ahead of the announcement of E3 2021. Known for the reliability of its Square Enix leaks (including Life is Strange 3 and True Colors: Time of its Relapse) and as part of Japanese publishing plans, the E3 is usually reserved for big surprises.