Pokémon GO: This is what you can expect at Community Day in May

Pokémon GO: This is what you can expect at Community Day in May

Pokémon GO

While the event for the release of New Pokémon Snap is currently in full swing, the next big event for the mobile game Pokémon GO is already announced. As the development studio Niantic has announced, a Community Day will of course also take place in May of this year. At this point we will tell you all the important details so that you are well prepared.

The starting signal for the next Community Day in Pokémon GO will be on May 15, 2021 and will therefore take place on a Saturday as usual . It starts at 11:00 a.m. German time, the end is planned for 5:00 p.m. So you have enough opportunity to take part in the event. This time, the focus of Community Day is on the winged Pokémon Wablu, which you will encounter much more often in the wild than is normally the case. There is even the possibility of catching a rare specimen of the shiny variant. If you develop Wablu during the event, it will automatically learn the attack "Moon Force".

Fittingly: These events await you in May 2021 at Pokémon GO

There is also a special one for 1,280 Pokécoins Community Day box ready to purchase that contains 50 Hyperballs, 5 Super Incubators, 5 Smoke, and a Top Instant TM. You can also buy special research exclusive to Community Day for one euro that day. Added to this are the following bonuses:

Eggs that are placed in an egg incubator during the event hatch four times as quickly. Smoke lasts for three hours during the event. The next Community Day for Pokémon GO will follow in June 2021, but no further details are known yet. As soon as that changes, we will of course pass the information on to you immediately.

Source: Niantic

Pokemon Go: How To Catch Shiny Smeargle

Pokemon Go is celebrating the release of New Pokemon Snap with a special event from now until May 2. As part of the event, the Painter Pokemon Smeargle will be photobombing snapshots you take more frequently than usual, and you have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Smeargle in the game. This Shiny variant will only be available during the event, however, so if you're hoping to add it to your collection, here are some tips on how to catch Shiny Smeargle.

Unlike most other Pokemon in the game, Smeargle can't be encountered as a wild spawn. Rather, the Painter Pokemon will occasionally make a surprise appearance in snapshots you take. If you happen to see Smeargle photobombing one of your pictures, you'll then spot the Pokemon on the map, giving you a chance to capture it.

Smeargle and other Pokemon featured during the New Pokemon Snap eventSmeargle and other Pokemon featured during the New Pokemon Snap event

As part of the New Pokemon Snap event, Smeargle is appearing in snapshots more frequently than usual, so you should have an easier time of encountering one. However, Niantic notes that Smeargle will 'only appear in snapshots a limited number of times,' so you have a set number of chances to encounter a Shiny variant. Shiny Smeargle will also stop appearing in the game once the New Pokemon Snap event ends, but Niantic teases that it may return again in the future.

To take a snapshot, simply open your item bag and tap on the camera. After that, choose a Pokemon you'd like to photograph and take a few snapshots. If Smeargle appears in any of the pictures you've taken, you'll see the Pokemon in the wild when you back out to the world map. Since there's no guaranteed way to make a Shiny Pokemon appear, you'll just need to take as many snapshots as you can during the event and hope you come across a Shiny Smeargle.

The New Pokemon Snap event runs until 8 PM local time on May 2, so you have until then to find and catch a Shiny Smeargle. You can read more about the event on the official Pokemon Go blog.

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