Raspberry Pi now makes you money thanks to cryptocurrency trading

Raspberry Pi now makes you money thanks to cryptocurrency trading

Are you looking for an open source solution for cryptocurrency trading? The new project created by maker GooseRepresentative1 is right for you! It is a bot that will make life much easier if you are interested in earning money thanks to cryptocurrency trading.

Credit: GooseRepresentative1 As explained by GooseRepresentative1 himself, this project, which makes use of the well-known single board Raspberry Pi 4 computer, was designed to carry out automatic cryptocurrency exchanges upon reaching certain parameters. As you can see from the video attached to this news, the Raspberry Pi 4 has been placed inside a custom case with an LCD screen on the front panel. The latter shows various interesting information, such as processor temperature, CPU usage and available storage space. In the future, further details are expected to be displayed, such as the current values ​​of various cryptocurrencies.

From the software point of view, the bot is based on Raspberry Pi SO, on which a program runs for the trading developed from scratch by GooseRepresentative1 using Python. It is totally open-source and requires only minimal experience in Python to modify the code in order to use your own trading accounts.

In case you are interested, we advise you to consult the thread of the original project on Reddit. The Raspberry Pi community continues to be very lively and the device is now used for any purpose. For example, we recently explained how to use a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 to farm Chia, so as to consume as little as possible once the plots have been stored. For more details, we recommend reading our previous article.

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