Overwatch continues to grind hits

Overwatch continues to grind hits

Overwatch is truly a more unique than rare case. In fact, the Blizzard house title is about to celebrate its fifth birthday: it was 2016 when the Irvine development house decided to launch a new first person shooter on the market able to borrow mechanics from the MOBA genre. The game has always had a very active fan base, as well as the player base. And surprisingly it is the latter that has grown, allowing the title to gain even more popularity.

Nononstate a sequel in development (unfortunately without Jeff Kaplan), the first chapter of Overwatch has in fact reached 60 million of players in the course of 2021. A decidedly extraordinary result, considering that now the first chapter no longer receives updates in terms of maps or heroes and modes. A result that could also have been achieved thanks to the free availability of the title, which took place in 2020 to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and entertain even more people in quarantine. For the record, 50 million players were registered in 2019 - a very significant increase, especially considering the age of the shooter.

Overwatch is still an extraordinary success. And he declared it is also the director of the second chapter, Aaron Keller (who took the place of Kaplan), revealing that Blizzard's goal is to make the next game in the series the best version of the shooter. And thanks to the know-how acquired over these long years of support, it could really be an enterprise within reach.

Ambitious goals, then. The growth of the players, however, can suggest a fact: the entire Overwatch franchise is certainly destined to remain with us for a very long time. And perhaps Blizzard, with this new IP after several years, has managed to hit the heart of the players again.

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