Now your Raspberry Pi can also track satellites with a GPS module

Now your Raspberry Pi can also track satellites with a GPS module

If you've worked with the Raspberry Pi, or just microelectronics in general, for long enough, you will inevitably end up with a box of spares and various sensors. Maker Andrew Healey decided to put his knowledge to use in this satellite survey project.

Credit: Andrew Healey The inspiration began after receiving a GPS receiver module as a gift. The end result is a custom dashboard that transmits data in real time to a Windows 98 themed interface. Healey created this platform with modularity in mind, so that components can be easily added or removed over time.

The dashboard currently relies on three main accessories: a GT-U7 GPS receiver module, an AM2302 temperature / humidity sensor, and a POS58 receipt printer. Raspberry Pi designs usually aim to offer an elegant interface and this uses CSS to resemble the default Windows 98 theme.

During the first 24 hour test, the GPS module was able to detect 31 individual satellites . According to Healey, usually 8 to 10 satellites are visible at any given time. The satellite data is published in a dedicated window on the dashboard. There is also a section used only to display the temperature and humidity information recorded by the AM2302 module.

Credit: Andrew Healey The printer has a remarkably unique function: Healey uses it to write messages from one of its friend who also owns a receipt printer and can get replies. This project is totally open source and achievable by anyone with the right components. For more details, we advise you to consult the dedicated page on the Healey website.

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