Elden Ring: The announcement has been in preparation for years, FromSoftware is happy with the reaction of the fans

Elden Ring: The announcement has been in preparation for years, FromSoftware is happy with the reaction of the fans

Elden Ring

Elden Ring was the big announcement of the Summer Game Fest, the Geoff Keighley show that opened the E3 2021 period. FromSoftware's game took a long time to wait, as fans know, but Keighley explains that the ad took years to organize. At the very least, the fan reaction made FromSoftware happy.

As you can see, in the tweet below, Keighley explains that discussions between FromSoftware and the Game Awards host started very early, between 2018 and 2019 Keighley knew that Elden Ring would be making its debut at the Xbox conference and wanted to talk about what they could do next.

he Explains that "it took a while to organize something great, especially with the pandemic that has caused many games to be postponed, not just Elden Ring." The final decision to announce FromSoftware's game, however, came "a few months ago": shortly after The Game Awards, Keighley and FromSoftware discussed what could be done and the Japanese team was supportive.

Finally, the host of the Summer Game Fest explains that FromSoftware is delighted with the reaction from Elden Ring fans, which has been more than positive. In fact, the game is attracting great interest and we at Multiplayer also talked about it in our special: Elden Ring, theories on the history of the game.

We also discovered various details on the plot, gameplay details and more from the site Italian official, to which are added information on the night / day cycle, the variable time and the personalization of the character.

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