Metal Slug Tactics: Classic returns as a tactical game for the PC

Metal Slug Tactics: Classic returns as a tactical game for the PC

Metal Slug Tactics

As part of the Summer Game Fest, Metal Slug Tactics was surprisingly announced as the return of the Run'n'Gun classic for the PC. The creators have decided on a completely new genre, which, however, retains the charm of the series. The new project is a tactical game with roguelike elements.

Metal Slug Tactics is played from an isometric perspective and is reminiscent of well-known titles such as XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics. Metal Slug fans can look forward to the return of Marco, Eri, Flo and Tarma. In combat, players can gain valuable experience that unlocks new weapons and advantages for your characters. You can also choose from special attacks and the "sync mechanics", with which you can launch simultaneous attacks against enemies. In the trailer, players get a glimpse of Metal Slug Tactics. Those responsible at Dotemu have not yet revealed a release.


Metal Slug Tactics: Announcement trailer for the isometric tactics game loadVideoPlayer ('83912', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1373736, false, 277554, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); The developers also promise a high replay value for the tactical game. This is ensured by procedurally generated playing cards with a multitude of challenges and missions. Iconic bosses from the Metal Slug series can also be fought in the upcoming title. Metal Slug Tactics will initially be released exclusively for the PC. The tactical game can now also be added to the wish list on Steam. You can also find more screenshots of Metal Slug Tacitcs in our picture gallery at the end of the report.

‘Metal Slug Tactics’ Has Been Announced For PC And It Looks Entirely Great

'Metal Slug Tactics' already looks to be a solid little game.

SNK, DotEmu

It seems that in recent years that DotEmu has made a real name for itself with excellent retro game reboots. With that in mind, it’s interesting to see classic games like Metal Slug get the tactical role-playing game treatment.

If you are not familiar with DotEmu, this is a publisher and a developer that recently released the excellent Street of Rage 4 and has done a great port of Wonder Boy too.

Prior to that DotEmu published a bunch of classic arcade games on modern hardware, so they clearly have the know-how when it comes to games like Metal Slug.

What’s interesting here is that Metal Slug is being turned into a tactical role-playing game and it looks entirely spot on. Partly because the original graphical style from the Neo Geo game is being retained but also in how the game looks like it plays out.

To be honest, shifting a shmup into the realm of a tactical role-playing game is not a new thing, as you could easily argue that’s what the Super Robot Wars games do, but it is interesting to see it done with Metal Slug.

Currently the game is slated for a PC release, as there is already a Steam page for it. Whether the game will come to other platforms and when it will actually come out remain to be seen though.

For now at least, Metal Slug Tactics looks great and I wish the team at Leikir Studio all the best at nailing this down.

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