Amazon Echo | Buying Guide

Amazon Echo | Buying Guide

Update June 2021

Amazon seems unstoppable in fact it has recently announced several new products, which further expand the family of Amazon Echo smart speakers. We are talking about the 4th generation Echo Dot and the new entry Echo Show 10. Two devices that present a reinterpretation in the design (embracing what are the new standards of furniture) and several additional features, compared to the respective previous versions. However, the Echo Spots, now forced to retire by Amazon itself, are leaving us!

What are ECHO devices?

For a few weeks now it has also been possible to buy Amazon Echoes in Italy, that is to say the smart speakers designed by the ecommerce giant and equipped with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. The company offers various models, different in terms of characteristics and price, but all sharing the same basic functions.

With an Amazon Echo you can, for example, control the lights in your home, if you have a home automation system, or adjust the temperature . Start playing music, add items to a list, search online, and so on. Conceptually they are very similar to Google Assistant and Apple Siri, but they are distinguished by the Alexa Skills. The latter are additional possibilities thanks to which everyone can customize their Amazon Echo, possibly programming new capabilities through Alexa Blueprints.

Those who want to get closer to this world, however, may have some doubts as to which is the best product . Better to choose the cheapest one and see how it goes? Or maybe it is advisable to have a screen for making video calls? Or, wouldn't it be preferable to choose one of the models with better audio quality, to enjoy the music?

In this guide we will try to help you dispel your doubts.