New Amazon Echo Shows available for pre-order!

New Amazon Echo Shows available for pre-order!

Amazon recently revamped the entire Amazon Echo Show range. In fact, after marketing the third generation Amazon Echo Show, it officially announced the brand new 8 and 5-inch Amazon Echo Show, with some hardware and software news. In this article we will therefore go to see all the new technical specifications and where to buy them at the best price available.

Let's start with the big brother, the Echo Show 8. This product, in fact, now has an 8-inch panel with an HD resolution. On the front of the device, in addition to the screen, we now find a 13 MP camera with integrated shutter, which allows you to perform all those functions that we have previously seen on the Show 10. For example, all users can give the newborn of the Amazon home to perform video calls, taking advantage of the automatic pan, zoom and framing functions.

Echo Show 8 now boasts an octa-core processor and two stereo speakers, which allow you to play music at a good quality (higher than in the past ed) . In addition, this product allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of the Amazon Photos service to make your home screen a true digital photo frame. All the features of past products with Alexa assistant remain unchanged. The new Echo Show 8 will make its official debut on June 9th at the price of 129 euros in Anthracite and Ice White colors.

Amazon Echo Show 5, on the other hand, is a product of excellent workmanship, but it does not have all the features of its older brother, in particular those dedicated to the camera during video calls. It has a 2MP camera and boasts a 5.5-inch display with HD resolution. Echo Show 5 includes all the classic functions of devices with Amazon Alexa. As for availability, you can now book it at the price of 84.99 euros.

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