Returnal: 7 tips to start playing

Returnal: 7 tips to start playing


Have you started playing Returnal but are finding it difficult? Fear not, we are here to help you! We don't want to spoil the pleasure of discovery, the pain of defeat, but if someone had given us this advice when we started Returnals, we certainly wouldn't have been offended. You will not find spoilers, only one relating to the first permanent upgrade of the suit of Selene, the protagonist of the game, which will be unlocked in the very first biome. So, drum roll: here are 7 good tips for playing Returnal!


Let's start with a seemingly minor piece of advice, but that's exactly what we wish we had before starting to play with Returnal. By aiming precisely with the left trigger of the DualSense, not only will we have a clearer view of the situation, but on each enemy present and in the frame will also appear an indicator that will show its weak point. A small but fundamental piece of information that radically changes the course of the battles. Have fun getting hit!

The Invincible Sword

The first major permanent upgrade to our equipment we will find is the sword. With this new weapon we will be able to unlock new paths, rely on decisive melee shots and, and this is the most important and least obvious thing of all, disable enemy shields. It took us a while to make it, but once we got acquainted with the extremely sharp instrument there was none left for anyone ... or almost.

Suspicious plants

Most of the time the vegetation of the alien planet in which Returnal is set does not seem to play a role in our raids, but this is not entirely true. On rare occasions, each plant in a "room" releases a large number of oboliths, so two shots you always shoot them and watch what happens. Much more common is what happens in special rooms, those usually combined with a new powerful powerup: here the plants have a rather once destroyed percentage of giving energy, ether and other very useful surprises. Shoot, shoot, shoot!

Etere mon amoure

It will soon become clear to you that the ether is a very important element of Returnal. If the game is giving you problems, try to do a few runs just to collect this uncommon material, as the ether will remain in your pocket even after death. With a good amount of Aether, when a cycle looks promising, you can do a bunch of useful things like instantly unlocking a great suit artifact, saving your build to the DNA compiler so you can start over at that point in case of death. and much more. Having a lot of it (but the maximum is thirty units) allows you to invest to last longer and most likely recover all the aether spent up to that moment.

Weapons that grow

Any weapon can possess different special abilities that improve or modify the type of shot and give the bullets different powers. As you progress through the game and collect new weapons, you will find that some of these abilities are blocked. Unlocking them is not difficult, since it is enough to use the weapon in question, in fact the advice is to do it as soon as possible whenever the opportunity arises since each skill of the weapons unlocked will end up in the skills available in the following runs, raising as a consequence, the average quality of the weapons found.

Crazy Sprint

Sprint is a skill that we will have almost immediately but it is not immediately clear what its best function is: shots! Not before or after, but in the meantime no one will be able to hit us except a particular laser beam that will appear much later in the game. So don't be afraid to slip through the alien hordes with your sword, darting left and right to avoid even the smallest scratch. But beware of those objects that lengthen the recharge times a lot, if you don't notice them you can end up very badly.

Adrenaline combo

Like all action games, also Returnal has its own combo system, albeit very simple. The adrenaline in fact works in much the same way: the more enemies you kill without getting caught by their shots! And the more adrenaline will increase which, for each level gained, will delight us with new and indispensable improvements to the weapon and to the systems of the suit. The beauty of adrenaline is that it does not decay, its effects do not disappear, except when we suffer damage. Keep this in mind out there.

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