World of Tanks: Steam release announced

World of Tanks: Steam release announced
World of Tanks is a very successful game with a loyal fan base. However, it is not yet possible to experience the action-packed and tactical tank battles via Steam. Steam has an extremely large number of users and it would be advantageous for WoT to be able to present itself to this player base. Therefore, the release has now been announced via Valve's platform.

World of Tanks will soon conquer Steam

"We want to make sure that World of Tanks (buy now € 28.04) is available to all players is so it is a natural step that we will welcome the Steam community into our family, "said Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks global publishing director. "Later this year, Steam players will be able to enjoy the tough battles that make our game legendary and we are sure they will enjoy it!"

The Steam version of World of Tanks is straightening out but only to new players. So if you want to play on Steam, it will be necessary to create a new account. Obviously it is not possible to take over your previous one with all tanks and achievements. But that doesn't mean that Steam players will just be among themselves. WoT offers cross launcher support. Regardless of which platform you play on, you will be able to compete with all players.

Later this year, Wargaming would like to reveal more about the Steam release of World of Tanks. It has not yet been determined when the time will come. Even the date on the newly launched Steam page only speaks of 2021. So we have to wait a little longer before we can jump into the tank battles via Valve's platform.

Source: Press release