WindTre: apologies for inefficiencies arrive, unlimited GB as a gift

WindTre: apologies for inefficiencies arrive, unlimited GB as a gift
WindTre decides to run to the restart and publicly apologize following the inefficiencies that occurred on February 3, which caused many inconveniences to users throughout the peninsula, with no internet connection and the inability to call or receive calls, giving unlimited GB for Valentine's Day.

More specifically, this is the promotion called Giga Gift, very similar to the one we saw with Vodafone last month when, even in that case, some disruptions to the network occurred .

The problem created by the WindTre networks was not immediately recognized by the telecommunications giant, thus creating a lot of discontent among users who vented all their anger in posts and messages left on official social profiles. The next day, WindTre itself recognized these problems, confirming at the same juncture also the effective resolution and apologizing for the inconvenience caused to customers.

The apologies did not stop at the words alone, so much so that the operator wanted to implement a concrete gesture and make customers feel their closeness, thus proposing unlimited giga for browsing on mobile devices for February 14, 2021, the day that coincides with the feast of Valentine's Day.

credit: Mondomobileweb; SMS Wind The users concerned were notified via an SMS, distributed precisely in these hours that it says. “We work tirelessly to ensure the quality of our network. In recent days we have not been perfect and on 14/02 we offer you the freedom to NAVIGATE from your smartphone WITHOUT CONSUMING YOUR DATA, for a whole day. Info on ».

The conditions for accessing the offer are more or less those that we are always used to reading in these cases: i.e. automatic activation and without additional costs, automatic deactivation upon expiry, incompatibility with offers that provide only a tariff plan with internet and non-applicability with suspended SIMs.

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