Was The Dark Pictures Anthology born as a Silent Hill game?

Was The Dark Pictures Anthology born as a Silent Hill game?

We continue to talk about Silent Hill after a report from VGC has uncovered the Pandora's box, confirming the existence of two Silent Hill games in development and revealing a background linked to the teams involved in the project.

Currently the two Silent Hill games would be in the hands of "a large Japanese studio" (the name of Sony Japan Studio is widely used) and a Western team, the latter being Bloober Team, studio author of games such as The Medium , Layers of Fear and Blair Witch.

However, it seems that in recent years Konami has also had contacts with Supermassive Games, the studio author of Until Dawn and Until Dawn Rush of Blood. The team would have proposed to the Japanese publisher an idea for the return of Silent Hill, we do not know the reasons but the two parties have not reached any agreement and apparently the project presented for the new Silent Hill has then evolved into the horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is an anthology series of horror games published by Bandai Namco and which to date has two chapters already released (Man of Medan and Little Hope) and a third one (House of Ashes) coming soon this year. Obviously none of the above has been confirmed but VGC confirms that the source is reliable and that in the past it has revealed important information on the projects of various publishers.

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