Xbox Series X: Production was lagging behind PS5

Xbox Series X: Production was lagging behind PS5
Now that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S are finally in the homes of gamers, the first estimates are beginning to be made on the performance of the first days of life of both new consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft, however, have not been able to please all players since day on and, for this reason, a new wave of consoles is expected to arrive in both physical and online stores by the end of the year.

In a recent interview with the editors of The Verge, the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer answered a series of questions that have been able to reveal some background on the pre-launch period of Xbox Series X | S. Specifically, Spencer said that Series X production started late compared to that of PS5, this is because Microsoft was still waiting for the latest RDNA 2 chips from AMD.

“We started producing Xbox Series X in late summer. We were a bit behind Sony, especially as units produced at the time, because we were waiting for AMD to include some technologies in our chips, ”Spencer told The Verge. Despite this, the launch of the new Xbox-branded consoles went smoothly, respecting the launch date announced by the American company.

Like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X will also have a new wave of stocks by the end of 2020 This is to allow all players who failed to purchase a console at launch to enter the next gen before the end of the current year. What do you think of Phil Spencer's recent statements regarding Xbox Series X production? Tell us yours by leaving us a comment in the dedicated section.

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