Skyrim: This mod adds a dash of Sea of ​​Thieves

Skyrim: This mod adds a dash of Sea of ​​Thieves


Even after nearly 10 years of service, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim continues to amaze passionate gamers around the world. The longevity of the fantasy RPG is certainly given by a huge amount of content to say the least already in the base title, but also the always active community of modders is continuing to churn out mods on mods capable of giving new life to one of the most loved games of the world. his generation.

The mod we're talking about today is called Sea Dragon, and adds a pinch of Sea of ​​Thieves, the pirate-themed title of the Rare boys, to the beloved Skyrim. In short, this new mod goes to give your Dragonborn a ship ready to set sail to experience ever new adventures and sail along the shores of Skyrim. The mod has just reached version 3.0, with a whole series of numerous additions

As we can read from the description of this mod within NexusMod, the ship can also be used as a home as well as for traveling in many locations of Skyrim and Solstheim. You can also bring your friends on board, ready to join as a crew. Docking locations include Solitude, Windhelm, and Dawnstar, as well as Tel Mythrin, Raven Rock and Skaal Village once the Dragonborn DLC quest is over.

A more navigational aspect was truly a of the few things that were still missing within The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and thanks to this mod it is now possible to set sail to the waters of the RPG region. Certainly, Sea of ​​Thieves did school, despite the Rare title being quite criticized during its launch period. What do you think of this umpteenth mod for the Bethesda title?

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