Nissan Leaf celebrates 10 years of electric mobility

Nissan Leaf celebrates 10 years of electric mobility
Nissan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Leaf, along with the great record of more than 500,000 cars delivered since the model was first introduced. A very important number for the electric car of the Japanese company that achieves great success in the largest automotive markets. In the United States it has had approximately 148,000 units sold.

Inevitably, the Nissan Leaf shows itself as the first all-electric vehicle that has contributed to the development and exponential growth of the zero-emission mobility market. With its entry on the market in 2010, the car inevitably responds to customer requests with increasingly advanced technologies and performance.

In setting these goals, we first of all want to express our appreciation to all customers who have embarked on this thrilling journey with us, said Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan. Turning to electric mobility, customers around the world have brought us all closer to a more sustainable and resilient society.

The large numbers confirm the presence of the car in many markets: not surprisingly, the Nissan Leaf is sold in 59 markets around the world. However, the battery capacity, performance and efficiency achieved following continuous optimizations have led the car to be decidedly versatile, and therefore able to meet the needs and lifestyles of many customers.

Goal: reduction of co2 emissions

The car manufacturer Nissan has made an estimate for the car, claiming that the owners have driven their cars for 16 billion kilometers worldwide, preventing more than 2.5 billions of kilograms of CO2 emissions to enter the atmosphere.

Nissan could not have reached this milestone without the great contribution over these 10 years from our employees around the world and our valued suppliers and dealers. Together, we are working to expand the options for adopting electric vehicles and electric vehicles so that more people can enjoy the benefits of electric driving.

Not surprisingly, the automaker is investing to optimize its technologies and continue the race to electrification. It plans to sell 1 million electrified vehicles every year by 2023, including electric vehicles and vehicles with e-POWER electrified powertrains.

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