Revolut makes payments easy for businesses

Revolut makes payments easy for businesses

Revolut Business continues to innovate by making it even easier for companies to accept payments immediately and in person using the QR codes that allow payments in respect of social distancing.

Indeed, from today entrepreneurs, merchants , owners of bars and restaurants and artisans, can take advantage of the use of QR codes, accessible via the smartphone using only the Revolut Business app, without having to buy any additional device.

This touch-free functionality allows immediate payments using an Internet connection, which allows merchants to verify that the payment was successful in the presence of the customer. Merchants will use their Revolut Business app to generate a QR code that the customer can scan with their phone's camera, all while maintaining a safe distance. The customer will receive a message that will allow them to choose between Apple Pay, Visa or Mastercard and can then complete the payment from their iOS or Android device.

For customers, this will be just as simple, and it will not be necessary have the Revolut app to pay. In fact, through the QR Code you can pay with Apple Pay, Visa or Mastercard from your iOS or Android device.

In addition, the costs for the merchant are very competitive: 1.3% fee for UK and EEA consumer cards and 2.8% for all other cards. In addition, Revolut Business customers who have a paid plan will also receive a package for free acceptance of UK and EEA card payments every month, at no additional cost.

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