Rainbow Six Quarantine: Pandemic Could Change Name of Game

Rainbow Six Quarantine: Pandemic Could Change Name of Game

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Rainbow Six Quarantine could possibly get a new title from Ubisoft. The pandemic is responsible for this, as a result of which the name could now be perceived by players as inappropriate. During a question and answer session, CEO Yves Guillemot announced that they are already thinking about the topic internally, but have not yet made any announcements.

The spin-off of the shooter series was launched at E3 2019 presented for the first time. Actually, the title should have been published last year. Ubisoft has postponed the release of Rainbow Six Quarantine to the next financial year. The game will therefore go on sale by the end of March 2022 at the latest. It is a new co-op shooter in which four players have to compete against waves of infected people. Well-known operators from Rainbow Six Siege, which was published in 2015, are available for selection.

The story of Rainbow Six Quarantine is based on the Outbreak event, which took place in Siege for a limited time. Should Ubisoft actually decide on a new name, we'll keep you up to date here. The Q&A also revealed that Ubisoft is still considering a price increase for games. So far, the publisher has stayed at the price of 70 euros. Other companies are already selling their next-gen titles for 80 euros.

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