Qualcomm opens 5G R&D center in France

Qualcomm opens 5G R&D center in France
Through the Communications SARL subsidiary, Qualcomm today announces the opening of a new 5G research and development center to be built in France, more precisely in the double headquarters in Lannion (Brittany) and Issy Les Moulineaux (Paris).

5G: the new Qualcomm research and development center in France

The news was released following the meeting between the new CEO Cristiano Amon and the Minister for Industry in the French government Agnès Pannier-Runacher . The facility's stated goal is to lead the development of 5G at the local, regional and global levels. Here are the words of Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President and President of Qualcomm Europe / MEA and Qualcomm Europe.

This new center will serve to further strengthen our R&D capabilities in the European region and it will help us stay at the forefront of technological innovation globally. Our new 5G R&D facility in France joins our European network of R&D facilities. The work carried out in each of our European R&D facilities has a global impact.

Qualcomm has been present in the transalpine country for over twenty years now with operations in the Paris region and Sophia Antipolis. Lannion's choice is not at all casual: it is a center of excellence for telecommunications engineering and a European technology hub.

Source: Qualcomm